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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Election Day political blogging

Today is Election Day, and our state is in the process of voting out one of the most shameful governors we've ever had.

This is most assuredly giving away my home state, because many of Governor Dummy's screw-ups have made national headlines, but here are just some of my favorite highlights of our esteemed governor's years in office:
  • Handing down an executive order on "Diversity Day," reversing an order signed by the previous governor that protected state employees from discrimination based on sexual orientations or gender identities.
  • Immediately raising health care costs for state employees (everyone knows you only work for the state for the benefits, because the pay sucks).
  • Blocking state employees' access to any liberal websites, or those that criticize the governor, leaving only the right-wing, pro-governor websites and blogs accessible. Getting sued over it.
  • Giving a tiny Baptist college in the middle of nowhere $10 million of state money to build a pharmacy school (probably so we can mass-produce pharmacists that are unwilling to distribute birth control/morning after pill/etc.) A private college that, at the same time, had been in the middle of a nasty controversy for not only kicking out a dean's list student after they found out he was gay, but changing every grade on his transcript to "F." If the college refuses to stop discriminating against gays, they will not be given accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, making the $10 million pharmacy program an even bigger waste of state money than it already is.
  • Making stupid comments in general, but one of my favorites was the one where he said that teaching Evolution in schools actually conflicts with the Declaration of Independence.
  • Nearly getting shot down in a private plane over D.C. by flying in restricted airspace.
  • Getting indicted for conspiracy, official misconduct and political discrimination during an investigation of an elaborate merit hiring system (a/k/a illegal cronyism).
  • Issuing blanket pardons for all of his cronies involved in his merit hiring system's illegal activities.
  • Arrogantly running for governor again, even though his approval rating was in the 20's, putting his pride before the good of his party, the state, etc., and making this yet another "for or against" polarizing election.
  • His own lieutenant governor refused to run again with him this year, and instead endorsed an opponent in the primary. (Who sadly lost. Even though I'm a Democrat, and Governor Dummy winning the primary has essentially sealed a Democratic victory, I would rather have seen his opponent win the primary. Then there would have been a real debate on the issues that actually matter to our state, as both candidates would have been moderates, and needing to distinguish their positions. Currently the issue distinction is Governor Dummy and Not Governor Dummy.)
  • Calling his slim victory in the primary an indicator of his electability in November.
Since Governor Dummy had absolutely no credibility to run with for this election, he has relied upon the standard right-wing nuttery tactics of fear and exploitation. Basically, that the election of a Democrat will result in the widespread homosexual debauchery and the destruction of your heterosexual happy family. Apparently prior to his election 4 years ago, our state had been one big homo bacchanalia for 32 years. Who knew? Apparently there have been a large number of fake recorded phone calls from fake "gay" organizations asking people to vote for Governor Dummy's Democratic opponent because he will happily spread gaydom across the state. (If there's anything people fear in this mostly rural, backwards state, it's definitely the gays.)

It's sad. Our state has always been conservative, yes, but still fairly moderate and not wing-nutty. Democrats and Republicans alike have generally been pretty moderate, with reasonable people on both sides (some rotten apples too, of course, but not this bad). Then we get Governor Dummy, who actually runs his first election on a platform of cleaning up the state, ending corruption, etc. Who knew that what he actually meant was just ending corruption for the Democrats, and bringing Republican corruption to new and exciting heights.

So, hopefully this is good riddance. I'm home sick from school today, but I'm about to go drag myself out of the house, away from my tissue box, to go up the street and vote.

UPDATE: Governor Dummy lost by a 20-point margin. Answered that "electability question."

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Lindsay said...

Good riddance... I just hope he doesn't decide to run for president. He might win!