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Monday, October 22, 2007


I had NST #2 today. No drops in heart rate this time, it was all normal. I was careful not to move or breathe too deeply lest the probes move and I have a repeat of last Monday's fiasco.

Yeah... except now they want to do NST's twice a week, in addition to the ultrasound once a week. Oh hell no. I refused to schedule the second one for next week until I talk to the doctor on Wednesday. Unless they can give me a damn good medical reason why I need to spend three days a week in that clinic, no way. You know what they call people who spend three days a week at the hospital? Employees. (I've yet to receive a paycheck.)

The really dumb thing about it is the only day they can do both NST's and ultrasounds is on Monday. So if I have a second NST on Thursday, and there's another random heart rate drop or something else suspicious, they don't have an ultrasound tech anyway. And I would have just had an ultrasound the day before, so what exactly is the point? Not to mention the fact that we're paying for all of this out of pocket, and I have yet to find out how much an NST is costing us in the first place. Maybe the crack moms on Medicaid and the residents at the Lady's Penitentiary have the free time and the health care coverage to spend all week in the clinic, but I sure don't. I don't know many others who do either. Even being the first appointment of the day means I sit in the lobby for at least 45 minutes, sometimes up to two hours.

I don't know how I'm going to get through six more weeks of school (not to mention two weeks of finals) spending three mornings a week at the hospital. Any more surprises? When do they decide I just need to be there every day? At least I have Husband to grill them for me, and question their judgment. They could tell me just about anything and I'd have no idea what it all meant and would be forced to take their word for it.

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PT-LawMom said...

Not to encourage you to put you and your baby at risk, but you do have a right to question the necessity of all of this and push back a bit. Maybe they can work out a different schedule or another location for you to do all of this? Can they lend you a home monitor? I know some women on bed rest get these types of monitors.