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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Too much class

I think I have my schedule figured out, but we'll see.

I hate to do the 4-4:50 three days a week, but I really can't justify paying $800 for a correspondence course just because I'm too lazy to go to class. And besides, I've wanted to improve my Italian, and the reading course will help.

If I don't get into the seminar course, I think I will pick up Con Law II on Tuesdays and Fridays. That will suck even worse, but I was going to take the class anyway next year, and it fits well into my schedule.

Between classes, I can go home and eat/nap with the baby. Hopefully Baby will be a big fan of both of those activities, and not of constantly screaming her head off. Otherwise, I'll have to drop a couple classes and postpone my grad school comprehensive exams, which I'm supposed to take at the end of the spring semester.

So, that's that. Not the schedule I'd hoped for, but oh well.

In other news, Family Dog is terrified of beeping Carbon Monoxide Detectors. The batteries are low, so it started beeping. Husband's changing the batteries and resetting it, which makes it beep even more. I'm sitting on the couch, with a large, trembling chocolate lab that has shoved herself behind my back, whimpering. Bravest dog in the world... until there's danger.

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Shelley said...

Our Malinois is terrified of smoke detectors, CO detectors, and my husband's electric shaver (that one actually makes sense -- he had a leg shaved before it was amputated. It makes it well worth the investment in the lithium batteries to avoid his cowering and hysterics. :)