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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Stirring the pot

Uh oh, I'm causing trouble today. I finally had enough of the moot court people not responding to anyone's questions on TWEN (even if they can't answer a particular question, then they should just say so, not ignore everyone). One of my classmates asked me today if I had gotten a response to my inquiry on TWEN about turning the brief in early, because I will be at a conference in the morning and might not make it back to the law school before noon in time to turn in the brief when it's due. She's in the same position, where she can't be here tomorrow and wanted to make other arrangements. A reasonable request... that's been completely ignored. So I started some shit about them not answering people's questions. The moot court president asked me to call him "to discuss my question." I'm in a bad mood today, he'd better have something good to say, or he's getting an earful from a pissed off preggo. I'm still miffed over the whole "we can't give you an extension on your cite test even though we didn't bother to give it to you for a week and a half after everyone else got it." (Yeah, I read the moot court constitution that says I can apply for an extension, apparently he didn't.)

I'm not usually so confrontational and mean. My masters is in diplomacy after all. Today I'm just feeling more like warfare. I'm pregnant and large. I will body-slam someone with my giant belly.


PT-LawMom said...

Stir that pot! I hate, hate, HATE when teachers or those who have taken charge of a particular group don't get back to the group in a timely manner. HUGE pet peeve of mine. Hope you get the response you need. You already knew these moot court people sucked anyway. Grrr!

CM said...

Thought you might find this interesting...

Apparently fetal surgery leaves no scars because fetuses just heal without producing scar tissue.