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Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm glad this week is almost over. I'm on my way to bed. I have two classes tomorrow, work, we're working the ticket office at the ballet, and then it's the law school Halloween Party. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to attend that party. I'm in the "screw law school" mood right now, and people are pissing me off more than usual. Also, I'd much rather have an evening alone with Husband than with drunk, obnoxious law students. It'd be one thing if I could be a drunk, obnoxious law student, then I might be more interested.

Anyway, we do have costumes. We're calling it "shotgun wedding," our ode to mullets and those who sport them. We decided going as White Trash would be appropriate this year, as inspired by all of our new friends from the lobby at High Risk Ghetto Clinic at University Hospital. Husband has a mullet wig, and a "tuxedo t-shirt." I tried to find an actual wedding dress on eBay for cheap, but unfortunately even the ugly ones were rather expensive. So I settled for an ugly lavender gown. Tomorrow I need to get a cheap veil and some flowers, as well as a mason jar filled with clear liquid and XXX written on it. Ah, costumes that further the cultural stereotypes of our state. (Sadly, the stereotypes too often reflect the reality.)

In other news, I found out today that I definitely didn't make moot court. Whew. I had this sudden fear today that the universe would be cruel enough to make me deal with those assholes next semester. However, I do feel bad for a friend who actually wanted to make it, and didn't. I know how that feels! But I am through with caring about law school extra-curricular activities. What a waste of time. I'm just glad I finished the stuff for moot court, because I got my credit hour. But I'm over the rejection of not making TAB, screw it. I'd like to see any of them do as well as I did, 7 months pregnant, having had surgery the month before, missing nearly two weeks of class, taking 16 credit hours, spending one (now two!) mornings a week at the hospital, and still standing up and giving, maybe not the best performance ever, but a clean and solid one. And I didn't badger any witnesses either. To hell with them.

Now I'm just pissed I wasted my time in the first place. I put off studying for classes, missed part of our Fall Conference to work with my witness, and then had to put off even celebrating my birthday. And for what? Nothing. Completely pointless endeavor. I'm through sacrificing my time and energy for pointless things. I'm going to finish out the year taking care of the responsibilities I have, and next year, I will not be running for any more offices in organizations, or trying out for anything else. I'm going to take classes, go to work, spend time with my family and friends.

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Shelley said...

Love the costume idea! My family once ended up with a mullet wig and I have a collection of pictures of various family members wearing it. It's so priceless.