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Friday, October 12, 2007


I can understand conducting an investigation. I can understand not just taking the words of strangers that they haven't harmed their child, when every other stranger before them probably denied it too and probably actually were child abusers. But what I can't understand is taking a little boy away from his parents without even conducting an actual investigation, and dumping him off with strangers. There are better options, more reasonable options, that are actually in Landon's best interests, but DCFS chose to ignore those, even after originally saying those were the measures that would be taken. Poor Landon is only 12 weeks old, and along with a myriad of medical problems during his short lifetime, he's suffered fractures to his ribs. Now instead of doctors actually giving him medical treatment, they've just caused him to be taken away from his parents, and sent off with strangers.

It breaks my heart and I don't even know him.

Imagine how his mom and dad must feel.

This isn't in the best interest of any child, especially not Landon. It disgusts me.


Shelley said...

It just defies belief -- I have been thinking of this almost non-stop and am astonished at the injustice. What a terrifying experience. :(

PT-LawMom said...

Great comment on Zuska's blog. I, too, have been absolutely disgusted and sick. I think any mother -- heck, any person -- would feel that way. Hopefully this will be resolved soon!!