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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Muddling through

We had a later appointment today, which meant I had to miss yet another Insurance class (this makes 5, and I only get 10 absences) and the appointment took up much more of my day. Fortunately things were good, but I'm low on amniotic fluid again, which means more resting and more drinking of fluids. Good on the drinking of fluids, not so good on the resting, although I did sneak in a nap today. Family Dog had a doctor's appointment today too, and she got to pee in a cup and get her girl parts poked. She got some meds to treat her recent incontinence problem. (Hopefully now she'll stop wetting the bed.)

I've managed to pull myself (mostly) together and get some stuff done. I've got everything written on my brief with the exception of the actual argument section (kinda important), which I have outlined, it just needs to be written. I'd hoped to get it done tonight, but it's just not happening. I'm going to write it tomorrow morning and make revisions tomorrow night and print it off. Gives me less time to prepare for the mock trial competition on Friday, but what more can I do, really.

I'm really looking forward to just going back to studying for five classes and being done with all this excess nonsense. Quite a few people have already dropped out of the moot court tryouts, so I feel good about myself for just continuing. Also, I finally got my PR quiz grades. Not stellar, but pretty damn good for someone who missed a week of school for having surgery! I'm right smack in the curve, and I'm perfectly happy with that. Especially since there were people who did much, much worse and probably didn't have surgery. So my mediocrity is actually a big accomplishment. Makes me feel good about myself, in a bizarre sort of way.

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