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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Keeping motivated

With six weeks left until the start of finals, I'm still having a real hard time finding the motivation to do anything except sleep. I pretty much slept the entire weekend. I can only study for a couple hours, then I need to sleep some more. It's just not getting the job done. I have five classes for which to outline. I have yet to actually learn Tax. I need my brain to leave my useless body behind and get some work done. I would really hate for this semester to bring me down from mediocrity to suckdom. I know C = JD, but still. I much prefer B's. (I think A's are out of the question this semester.)

I think I sleep so much on the weekends to make up for the sleep I don't get during the week. I have to be on campus by 8am for the next three days, two of which are for doctor's appointments. Those are really wearing me out. I don't get much studying done in the waiting room either, too much distraction from the freaks and criminals.

I'm also starting to swell. I had to take my rings off yesterday because they were starting to get too tight. I can't wear skirts anymore, lest my cankles and huge feet be noticeable. (For once in my life I'm ready for some cold weather.) I also have a hard time breathing because someone decides to stretch out and stick her feet in my lungs/ribcage. (I actually have an ultrasound picture of this phenomenon.) Third trimester = not fun. But only two and a half months to go at the most, and with finals coming up, it'll probably be over before I know it.

We're just glad we've gotten this far. We're almost to 30 weeks. When we had our initial consultation with the docs up at Children's, they gave us some statistics. At 28 weeks, a fetus has about an 80% chance of the viability of a full term fetus outside the womb. Those numbers go up by 5% each week. At 32 weeks, the fetus has approximately the same viability as a full-term baby. Granted, those with medical problems become the outliers, so there's some margin of error. Even so, we were at 23 weeks that day at Children's, the evening before having surgery, with zero viability and 32 weeks an eternity away. Now it seems like it's just around the corner. By Halloween, we'll be at 31 weeks, and at my baby shower, we'll finally be at 32. Although I still won't stop worrying until we have a baby sans CCAM at home with us, that will be a major milestone to reach.

I've never been so looking forward to finals! If only I could make myself study for them...


TriLawyer said...

Chinup! The hardest thing about studying for exams in my opinion is keeping perspective. Take one class at a time. I had to keep telling myself that lest I get overwhelmed and couldn't concentrate on one subject while worrying about the other four.

Congrats on getting this far. As I have said before, you are amazing for even being pregnant in law school. I had a friend in my section at Duke that actually gave BIRTH three days before our first exam (CrimLaw) and she actually showed up to TAKE IT (oh - and p.s. - she got a better grade than me...show off). So - it CAN be done and you are doing it.

At least you aren't married to K-Fed!

~ TriLawyer

PT-LawMom said...

I won't tell you it gets easier, but I will tell you that the last few weeks are much worse than the first few weeks of the third trimester. You should hopefully be able to get through this and you may even find that you get some energy soon! I'll send you lots of peppy vibes!