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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dressed for success, or something

Oral arguments are tomorrow night for moot court. I'm torn between that need to always try my best at things, and complete apathy about making moot court. I'm trying to find a happy medium, a good faith effort at giving a decent performance, but not so much that I'm going to sacrifice a ton of time for it. I just started writing it tonight, and it's actually coming along nicely. But I won't be practicing it, or memorizing it, and I sure as hell won't be wasting time with any ex partes. Moot Court Prez is on my judging panel, how fun. Good practice for real life when I'll have to be professional and work with people I've pissed off/who've pissed me off. Always the diplomat, that's me.

Speaking of which, today I was contacted by a PR person from the University. They're apparently putting together a promotional video for my graduate program, and want to interview me (I have no idea why they picked me). She asked me to meet her for an on-camera interview and to dress like "an average graduate student." I pointed out that I don't look like the average graduate student, since I'm ginormously pregnant. Hopefully she'll make sure my belly isn't taking up the entire camera view. One big talking belly, that's me.

The only maternity clothes I have are dressy, I'm not sure if that meets the requirement of "average graduate student" either. At the law school, most people dress scummy unless they're working that day. There are exceptions of course, the people who have a need to always look well-put-together. But overall, I think it's the mentality that we'll have to wear suits for the rest of our lives, so we might as well enjoy wearing t-shirts and jeans while we can. In my graduate program, however, the opposite is true. Everyone dresses to impress most of the time. Granted, on occasion we might come in scummy, but for presentations and events, we're always in business attire. In class, most people still dress to a certain level of sophistication. We're diplomats after all. Even the men are rather metrosexual in nature, and some are extremely so. So, I don't think we meet the description of "average graduate students" anyway.

But good thing I've got a salon appointment this weekend, I'm starting to look a little ragged. I'm in need of grooming. Some of my friends went in and got me this spa package for my birthday, a day at the spa for preggos. Sounds fabulous. Also, I went to Clinique yesterday and got a new eyeshadow, since it's free gift time (the only time I ever buy products from them) and my eyeshadow was getting worn down. Yay for free!


PT-LawMom said...

Love Clinique bonus time!! How are you feeling?

Proto Attorney said...

I'm feeling pretty good today. Thanks for asking. :)