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Monday, October 8, 2007

Digging my way out

I'm hundreds of pages behind in my reading thanks to missing a week of school for surgery, letting myself wallow in self-pity, and finally moot court and trial advocacy board competitions taking up the last couple weeks.

The conference for our graduate program went well. It was much smaller this year, only one day, instead of two days as it usually is. I don't know if that's due to lack of funding, or if the new director felt two days was just too much last year. But I couldn't have attended the Saturday session because of the TAB tryouts anyway. The topic of the conference this year was "Russia After Putin?," examining several aspects of the future of Russia (the question being whether there will be an "after Putin"). I'm mostly disturbed by the fact that whoever designed the programs for the conference decided to put Shirtless Fishing Putin on the cover (in a collage). Gross. Sadly, it was the last fall conference I will be attending, since I am supposed to be graduating in the spring. I've over-stayed my welcome I'm afraid, taking 3 years to obtain my diploma when the program is only 1 1/2 to 2 years. (I couldn't do any work towards my masters during my 1L year, but I was still required to attend the conferences and functions.)

The moot court brief? Well, it sucked. But frankly at this point I don't even want to do moot court. I'm going to do the oral argument, get my one credit hour and get on with my life. I've had about enough of people not returning my phone calls, e-mails, inquiries in a business/professional capacity. I really struggle with keeping up with friends and family, and a lot of my messages go unreturned as I don't have time to chat with everyone (that's really why I have a blog, so they know I'm still alive). But if it's business, well dammit, it gets done. It's called being professional. And I'm really sick of people not doing their jobs. Moot court is definitely on my shit list. I'll be happy to not make it, so I don't have to deal with them next semester. On the other hand, I wish I'd done a better job on the brief, because part of me wants to seize control next year and show them how it's done. (Not that they'll know, they'll have graduated.)

Anyway. The trial advocacy board tryouts were mediocre. I think I scored high enough to get on though. I wanted to improve from last year's performance, but I just didn't have enough time to prepare, and I was not feeling well. We were at the district courthouse, and it was 90-some degrees and apparently they didn't think air conditioning was necessary. Opposing counsel had to stop during his closing argument, step outside and was sitting in the hallway with his head between his legs, trying to not pass out. Imagine how the preggo felt. But we all made it through, more or less.

After that was over, I finally got to celebrate my birthday! I turned 28 on Friday. Husband surprised me by buying me a pretty necklace. We'd agreed he wouldn't get me a gift (since we're trying to pinch pennies to pay our medical bills), but he did anyway. Then Saturday night we went out for sushi with some friends. Today, I slept a total of 15 hours. Can you believe that? I'm the laziest person ever. Boy did I need the rest, that's for sure. I promised that since all this craziness is done, I'd spend a lot more time resting and drinking fluids like I'm supposed to. And catching up on my reading! Got to do that too.

Now that we're at 27 weeks, the weekly ultrasound appointments are feeling a lot less scary. I'm feeling stronger, more like I can handle whatever comes at us, and even if I end up having surgery again, which I would really hate, at least we're getting so close that I feel better about our chances for a good outcome. If things continue to look good, I'm even daring to plan on a baby shower in November.

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CM said...

Happy birthday! Hooray for having something to celebrate (and lots of sleep)!