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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dark sorcery

I want to get a job working for a health insurance company, just so I can learn the dark sorcery of medical billing.

I finally received the bills from Children's Hospital yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were much lower than we thought they would be. First, Children's is giving us a 30% discount on their services after insurance. Very happy about that one. Also, Student Health Insurance Company paid the diagnostic benefit maximum, but also there was a significant portion of the bills that were "adjusted." I assume that means because there's a contract in place that says Health Insurance Company will only pay X for certain services? But what I'd like to know is how that means, for instance, writing off 90% of an MRI. I'm damn impressed by that one. So, where we thought we would owe tens of thousands of dollars, so far, we're just in the thousands (at Children's). Sure, I'm not ecstatic about that, but hey, it doesn't in any way rival my student loans! (Wait, that doesn't make me feel better.)

I talked to someone this afternoon at our own University Hospital again regarding our bills, which will be much higher than at Children's. I was hoping that the words "law student" and "bankruptcy" would bend them to my will. Nope. While we still get no sympathy for being middle class, they suggested we wait until the baby is born, then apply for financial assistance, because we would probably get something then. Somehow it hadn't occurred to me that our little bundle of tax deduction would also make a difference in potential financial assistance. Granted, the university still doesn't care to screw their own students; apparently student status is not taken into account (the fact that they already get tens of thousands of my dollars every year should freakin count for something, but whatever).

But, worst case scenario, we just rob Peter to pay Paul. Husband can take out some student loans and we'll use that money to pay off the hospitals, and just gradually pay off the loans, along with mine, for all eternity.


PT-LawMom said...

My best advice is to fight, negotiate, etc. Put those lawyering skills to work! And, as I've told you before, if you pay a little each month, it makes it harder for them to go after for you. "Waah. I'm sick. I'm pregnant! How am I going to pay for diapers?" ;) Hopefully you can push them off until baby arrives and then you'll qualify for some help. Good luck!

2L Wannabe said...

How far out from baby are you now? I agree with pt-l - fight and try to get the bills put off for a bit.