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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cold, wet, tired

It's 3:30 in the afternoon, and I'm going to bed. I only got two hours of sleep last night and I'm exhausted.

We got through our ultrasound just fine. I asked the doctor we've been seeing (Dr. G) about the NST's. She didn't even know we were doing them at all, let alone the idea of doing them twice a week. She said she'd talk to the other doctor (Dr. H), who's the head of the group, and discuss the matter. Then we had to wait over an hour to see another doctor (Dr. Younger Than Me), to do the routine pee in a cup/blood pressure reading/tummy measurement. Apparently they'd misplaced my chart and then forgot about me. Finally, we get through all that, and go to check out, and they seem to be having a really hard time figuring out how to schedule our upcoming appointments. Even though we've been there every week for the past two months, and now twice a week, the same woman wants to know what these weekly ultrasounds are for (as though I'm coming in for the fun of it), and we have to give this whole explanation. They were supposed to already have the next two weeks scheduled, but they don't, and they "couldn't" squeeze us in at 8:00 a.m. So we have appointments at 9:00 a.m., but they said if we get there before 8, they "might" be able to squeeze us in. Fantastic.

We finally get out of there at 10:40, unfortunately not enough time to go talk to the financial services people. After setting up a payment plan, I got a bill yesterday saying I randomly owe $100 of my balance upon receipt of that bill. Someone from their office actually called me over a week ago to ask why they didn't submit the bill to my insurance, which was from the original ultrasound in August. (No, I don't know why you didn't do your job, please don't ask stupid questions.) Then they're like, well, this bill is overdue. (I'd called to inquire myself why the bill had not been sent to the insurance company, and they assured me it had been. Apparently not.) Then I had to explain to them how I'd set up a payment plan, and I'd already made the payment, oh, like, the week prior. Brilliant. I get the feeling this sort of thing will be the norm in dealing with the hospital's billing department.

So, we had to skip the financial office, and head to the car so I could make it to class on time. Yeah, except the car won't start. Husband's car picks that exact moment for the battery to die. Not in the driveway when we left this morning, but three hours later in the parking garage. Husband stayed to get hospital security to jump the car, and I walked to the law school from the hospital, in the cold rain, without a coat or an umbrella. I was late to class, but fortunately it was insurance, and the professor doesn't care, he still let me sign in. Being there put me in a worse mood, I should have just skipped. Cold, wet, in pain from the long walk, and then guy who was our trial judge at the TAB tryouts started talking, which put me in a worse mood.

Afterwards, was the noon forum for the study abroad that I helped put together. I am very grateful for other people stepping in and helping out, because I was not in a position to do so, had made a mess of things, and none of my officers showed up (two had an excuse, the other, as usual, bailed on any responsibility). People were getting irate because the pizza was late, and we had a lot more people than expected, so we ran out. (Which is good that we had a lot of interest, but not so good that people were pissed off about not getting pizza.) At that point, I just had to leave. I wasn't feeling well, I was having really bad pelvic pain and I just wanted to go home. I didn't want to sit there anymore, being reminded of my failures.

Husband meanwhile got the car jumped and I called him to pick me up early. We came home and he made me tomato soup and grilled cheese, and we watched that zombie movie that's based on the video game. Resident Evil, I guess. Lame, but at least it wasn't scary, I don't like scary movies. Then Dr. Younger Than Me called to say they had discussed my case at lunch, and decided they wanted me to come in twice a week for NST's, so I should plan to be at the clinic on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. I very calmly explained that we would not be doing that unless there was a very good medical reason, because our health insurance is not paying for it. Once I told her that, she was like, oh, well that's no big deal then, let's just do it once a week. Huh. Answers the question of "very good medical reason," now doesn't it?

Finally, I just got an e-mail from the professor who I had talked to last week about the TAB appeal, who had told me how much good feedback I had gotten on the scoring sheets, how the scoring is so subjective anyway, and how she really likes appeals, seeming to indicate that I would get a positive result. Well, apparently not. When I found out I didn't make TAB, I e-mailed her because I wanted to meet with her to discuss why. She's basically blown me off, and told me I just needed to talk to the TAB board members. Forget it. I'm just beyond caring. Considering that one of our opponents made TAB, and her cross-examination of our witness completely fell on its face and then she became openly hostile during the examination, repeatedly badgering our witness (and our objections were all sustained), I'm really not interested in anything they have to say anymore. Hopefully I can take litigation skills next year, and definitely not with that professor, but with a local attorney who is THE top mediator in our area. (He also teaches ADR, which I will just DIE if I can't get into. Everyone wants to take the class because there's no final, so it always fills immediately, but I want to take the class because it fits so well with my masters program, and someday when I grow up I'd like to be a mediator. Stupid class lottery.)

So, that's been my day. Tomorrow is our last PR quiz (thank god I'm not taking the MPRE next weekend, I'd probably have a stroke), and since this one is on the judicial conduct rules, I actually have to study. As in, I actually have to read them. My last quiz grade was rather lousy, so I lost my buffer. I need to get a better grade on this quiz to stay within the curve. I definitely don't want to go into the final exam digging myself out of a hole.

It's really sad when the highlight of the day (other than nothing scary being on the ultrasound of course), is setting a dental appointment. The College of Dentistry called to invite me to participate in a study they're conducting concerning gestational diabetes and possible link to a decline in oral health. I get to be in the control group. They're paying me $50 to come in and be examined, and after the baby's born, I'll get a free cleaning (which will save me money at Family Dentist in nearby Hometown, since I declined the over-priced student dental insurance which costs more than paying out of pocket for the cleanings). They also promised there would be no poking, drilling or otherwise. If they find cavities, I can go back to Family Dentist and he'll do the fillings cheaper anyway. (And I trust him to not randomly drill in my mouth. My one attempt at going to a dentist here in the city instead of driving back to Hometown resulted in multiple drillings, which I think were more to milk my insurance than actually having cavities. I'd never had a cavity before then, and I haven't had one since. She basically drilled at anything with a black spot, and called it a cavity.) I made the appointment for Halloween. I figure I can get my teeth inspected, then rot them out with candy.


LL said...

Holy hell, what a shitty day. It's unfortunate that when you really need a glass (or bottle) of wine, you can't have one. I hope you have a nice warm bath, some comfy pj's, and a very good sleep.

I didn't even have a bad day and I may do all of the above...

PT-LawMom said...

Oh man! That is definitely a crawl under the covers and hide kind of day. So sorry! Hope things look a bit brighter tomorrow (or next week!) and that you get some good answers from the doctors and that the nasty billing office lays off!!!