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Friday, October 26, 2007

Choices, choices

Trying to figure out what to take next semester that will be the least invasive/annoying/time consuming.

I have to take Evidence, and I have to take two courses that will qualify for the "international" requirements for my master's degree. I need to fulfill my language requirement in some capacity. Finally, since I had expected to make TAB and didn't, I am now short 2 hours. I planned on only taking 10 hours in the spring, but now I need 12 to not be behind and have to make it up next year.

I'm thinking I should go ahead and pick up a seminar class to get it out of the way, since those are 2 hour courses. There's one that requires more class time, but less effort. It's "Law & Popular Culture" which is watch a movie with law stuff in it, and then talk about it/something about writing a paper at the end. It requires 3 hours one night a week. The other class I'm interested in is Law & Literature, which is 2 hours one night a week, and requires the reading of books with law stuff in them. I like books, especially books that are about law, but not actually law, and books are something that can be read at 3am when someone's screaming. iPod to drown out screaming + arms to rock screaming baby + interesting books. I might be able to handle that.

My other choice is to screw the seminar altogether and take one of two classes. One is copyright law. I'm mildly interested in it, of course, I'm not qualified to take the patent bar, so I've been sort of wary of taking all the IP/copyright classes, because it seems like it would be a waste of time. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyone have opinions on this matter? It's also taught by an incredibly hot professor. Like distractingly hot. He used to be an underwear model. Might make it difficult to concentrate.

The second choice is a class that is scheduled at night, which I'm not thrilled about. Two nights a week 6 to 7:15. It's Medical Liability, taught by a local attorney. It sounds really interesting, and I'd love to take the class, but blech. Just the idea of having to return to campus at night, and arranging childcare if Husband works that night.

Which brings me back to the foreign language question. I can either pay $800 to do a Spanish correspondence course, or I can do a "Reading for Graduate Students" Italian course. That class is MWF 4 to 4:50. Class until 5 on Fridays? That blows. I might just wait to see what our finances are before I go through that sort of torture.


TriLawyer said...

I always loved this time of year. Choosing classes is so much more fun than actually taking them. Everything sounds interesting and there are worlds of possibilities to explore.

But - take it from me - take the class that is most interesting and least time-consuming. And DO NOT feel guilty for a minute that you are not taking some survey course that is supposed to be "good preparation" for your career or something. Screw that. Do what interests you - ALWAYS. The Law & Lit class sounds really fun and at least you will HAVE to read books other than "Business Associations" or "Federal Income Tax 2008" or some like crapola.

Enjoy yourself. It will make the time go by much easier - and with a smile no less!


PT-LawMom said...

The 6-7:15 class sounds fun. Is it only two nights? If you think you can get hubby to commit to be there, do that one. Colicky babies typically scream the most from 4 - 6:30 and then are usually early sleepers so you could potentially hand your fussy baby off to hubby and go to class, then come home to peace and quiet. :) I wouldn't take the IP class, but that's just me. Do something fun! You may find that the first six months of your child's life, concentrating is harder than you expect. So go easy and make it through, I'd say.

2L Wannabe said...

I second the Law and Movies as a good idea - and Law and Lit sounds great too. You will need the brain candy. Plenty of brain meat and potatoes still to go - but with a tiny one rocking YOUR world, a few hours of mental masturbation is what the Mom ordered.
But on the plus side - not all babies scream all that much. And not all of them keep you up long night hours. I had three that didn't do either. One.....well, she is still very self-motivated ;-)

PT-LawMom said...

I shouldn't be all doom and gloom either. My son was and still is a FANTASTIC sleeper. I have a brother who was the devil child and friends with screaming, non-sleeping kids, but so far I have been blessed. With any luck you will be too!