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Monday, October 29, 2007

Another week of muddling through

I'm still dangerously behind on outlining (as in, not having much at all), and still haven't learned Tax. The next month is going to SUCK.

I got my third NST this morning. No problems. Tried to talk to someone in financial services, and no one was there. The Medicaid benefits office was open though, and full. (I still find it difficult to believe anyone qualifies for Medicaid. You have to make less than $2,000 a year to qualify. You know, thank goodness we disqualify all those rich people who make like $4,000 a year, we certainly wouldn't want them to have health care, now would we.)

This week's activities include a meeting this afternoon with the director of my graduate program. He wants feedback from the students. The only real complaint I have about the program is the lack of uniformity when it comes to rules. For instance, joint degree students with the law school have to take three courses in international law-related topics before we can sit for our program's comprehensive exams. There was a lack of classes offered this semester, because our international law professor is taking a sabbatical to clerk for one of the Supreme Court justices. (A conservative one, bah.) I went to talk to one of the law school deans about getting into the two classes that were closed, a comparative constitutional law course and a course in Alternate Dispute Resolution (both filled immediately with 3L's), but I got shut down. When I went to talk to my program director, he was basically like oh, well, that sucks, I guess you'll have to put it off until spring. I can accept that, and did... until I found out a few weeks ago that one of my 2L classmates is taking his comps this semester, and he's using Admin Law and Intellectual Property to fulfill the "international law" requirements. Yeah, that's great. It's not the first time that sort of thing's happened to me. Things like that happen to me a lot, actually. Apparently my mistake is taking the word of the people in charge. I'm plenty assertive, I just don't understand why I seem to always be on the receiving end of the "NO" when others get positive results.

Tonight, I get to go home and attempt to bake something for our International Law Society bake sale tomorrow. I should have gotten some sort of insurance coverage, I'm very likely to tort someone (oh, the sick humor of being torted by an actual tort).

Then, tomorrow afternoon there's a "networking" event with some local businesses that I plan to attend. I figure it couldn't hurt, and besides, one of Mid-Size Firm's client's is going to be there so at least I know someone already. Then we're having dinner guests, a guy my husband works with and his girlfriend, who strikes me as incredibly strange. She isn't a vegetarian, she just won't eat meat that hasn't been slaughtered by her/in her presence. Uh, yeah, there will be no animal slaughtering in my kitchen, that's messy and unnecessary, and the screams will traumatize Family Dog. If the already-dead animal I bring in from the butcher shop isn't good enough, you're getting spinach lasagna. Husband defends this strange woman, as saying it is hypocritical to eat meat if you aren't willing to kill it. I say that there is no reason for me to kill my own food. We live in an advanced society that trades services. Farmers raise animals, I work in law. Farmers don't have to practice law, so I don't have to kill cows.

On Wednesday, I've got my "dental" appointment, and then I have the interview with PR about my graduate program (I'll refrain from telling them how they made me arbitrarily put off graduation for one semester).

We schedule on Thursday afternoon, so I'll have to stick around for that. Then Friday, we have dinner plans. Saturday I'm going to the salon, since I had to postpone my salon visit from a few weeks ago. My goal for the week is to finish my Insurance outline and start on my Torts outline.

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