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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

28 weeks

Our ultrasound this morning showed no significant changes, but our prenatal care is about to be stepped up. We have to start doing the non-stress tests on Mondays, and so there's talk of us coming in twice a week instead of once. Ugh. Like we don't spend enough time there already. I did, however, talk to the doctor and ultrasound tech about our insurance situation (or lack thereof), and if there was anything we could do to reduce our costs (especially since we're increasing our diagnostics). They said they would help us out, so hopefully that means not billing us obscene prices for ten minutes of ultrasounding, that sort of thing. Anyway, they were having a lunch meeting with the neonatal team to discuss the upcoming problem cases (guess who's one of them), so we'll know more about our future treatment after they meet. Then we have another MRI in November back at Children's and have another consult with the team there. They seemed confident that the surgeon here could do the surgery to remove the CCAM, so we shouldn't have any problems with delivery here, but it'll be good to know what the actual "plan" is.

Anyway, aside from sitting in the lobby with the freaks and criminals, I'm not thrilled with spending two mornings a week in the clinic waiting to find out what's wrong with my unborn child. Once a week is exhausting enough, physically and emotionally. Not to mention the time away from studying. I'm ridiculously tired as it is, and then to be at the hospital two mornings a week at 8, just to sit in the lobby for nearly 2 hours, be seen, rush to class, and especially on Thursdays, having 4 1/2 hours of class in a row, sucks.

Remind me not to do this again. This was dumb. If I pass all my classes, it'll be a miracle.

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PT-LawMom said...

You mean the get pregnant, pop the baby out and keep racing through law school thing was just a pipe dream? Who could have imagined? (I'm just playing with you!) ;)

It's good that they're willing to work with you guys to control costs! Hopefully the visits won't be too unbearable. Can you download study cds onto your iPod and listen to those while you wait? Easier than lugging around books! Glad the news is so positive after your weeks of difficulties.