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Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm having surgery tomorrow morning to have a shunt installed to continuously drain the fluid from the cyst. They will have to sedate me. Not because it requires it but because I tend to have severe anxiety attacks when it comes to giant needles coming at my belly. Go figure.

The procedure has an 80% chance of success in resolving the fetal hydrops, which they discovered Wednesday at our ultrasound. If fetal hydrops does not resolve due to the draining of the cyst, the result if fetal heart failure, which results in fetal demise. Either it works or it doesn't. We'll know in under two weeks. Right now the heart is in good working order, so hopefully the fetus will bounce back and in as few as 9 weeks (or even full term to 16 more weeks) we could have a healthy baby (that will need subsequent surgery to remove the CCAM).
Anyway, we've been staying with our friends since Wednesday night, and have spent two days at Children's Hospital full of poking and prodding. An MRI, an EKG, several ultrasounds, a failed attempt at surgery Wednesday night (uncooperative fetus blocking every entrance into the chest) and two steroid shots in the ass, which I am very displeased with not only because it burned like hell, but there went my career in professional sports. Damn.

Trying to keep a good sense of humor about this all, as best as you possibly can when you're having a giant needle shoved in your belly (and your back... I get my first epidural tomorrow), and the life of your unborn child hangs in the balance. Oh, and don't forget about the financial state of our family and status of my education. Yeah, worst case scenario we end up bankrupt, I can't sit for the bar, and we have no child. Or we're bankrupt, I can't sit for the bar, and we have our child taken away by child protective services, because we're living in a cardboard box and can't feed it. So, yeah, instead of flowers, we're starting a "pay our ridiculous medical expenses because our crappy insurance only offers $2500 in outpatient maximum benefits and everything we're doing is outpatient" charity. I hate insurance. "Those giving hands when you pay your premiums... when you file your claim, turn to giving you the finger," as sayeth my insurance law professor.

Anyway, we should be home on Saturday, after a follow-up with the docs. I should be back in school on Monday. I will have another follow-up on Wednesday at our hospital at home, where they will track the progress if the hydrops resolve and watch for any future fluid retention.


Shelley said...

Good luck! I'll be pulling for you!

PT-LawMom said...

Good luck. Hope it goes the way of healthy, full-term baby. Don't let the evil hospital nazis stick you up for all your money. You're a broke student. Give them as much as you can REASONABLY afford up front and then tell them you'll be paying it bit-by-bit. You'd also be within your rights to say you won't pay any more than the deductible until you get an EOB from the hospital. Once you get the EOB, request an itemized statement from the hospital and challenge anything that looks fishy ($30 Tylenol?) That can drag things out for a while. :)

Kim said...

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.