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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Since the other law school moms are waxing philosophical about law school, thought I'd give it a go as well.

I had gone to visit my friends at Mid-Size Law Firm during first semester of 1L, and an associate asked me if I like law school. I answered honestly: oh hell no. I don't detest it, as in praying for the building to burn down so I'll never have to go back, but it's not something I get up in the morning and think, oh yay, I get to go to law school today! He replied that it was a healthy attitude. If I absolutely hated it, I should probably quit. If I absolutely loved it, I should probably be in therapy. I think that is pretty true.

Even though 2L year is definitely much better than the emotional turmoil of 1L year, I still don't like law school. But I do like the practice of law, and there's a huge difference between the two. For me, law school is just the means to an end. I'm trying to learn as much as I can while I'm here, participate in activities that will build my litigation/trial skills, and even hope to make a difference while I'm here (i.e. the whole summer abroad program thing). But I won't look back on these three years as some fantastic, deeply rewarding experience. I feel that way about my graduate program, but not about law school.

I'm very glad I had the legal experience coming in, but not because it helped to ease the transition into law school (other than knowing the definitions of legal terms and what a memorandum of law should actually look like), because it didn't give me any sort of advantage (in fact, it may actually have been a hindrance). I really believe that if I had been 22 years old, straight out of undergrad, never having worked in law before, I would have quit in my first semester of law school. I would have thought that legal work is always so mind-numbing and ridiculous, and wouldn't have wanted that as a career. I wouldn't have known that the actual practice of law is quite varied and much more interesting, and that a law degree can be used in many creative ways. I'm certain I would have quit.

But I like the type of work I'm doing now, and I like that it won't control my life. I won't deal with the stress of the Big Firm (granted, I won't have the money either, but oh well). Maybe if I didn't have Husband and a Proto Human, I might have worked harder to get top grades and get a Big Firm job. I might not have cared to work 80 hours a week for a six-figure starting salary. But I just don't want to work that hard. That's why my grades are mediocre in the first place!

Anyway, the appointment this morning went fine, no changes. One more week closer to the end.


Andrea said...

100% agreement with this whole post!

Cecilia said...

Great news on the clean appointment - wishing you many more (well, however many more you are supposed to have left).

Beanie said...

Yup, I'd definitely have to concur with you regarding the feelings on law school. It was a stumbling point for me on every interview. You don't want to sound too fawning and say, "it's the most fabulous time" and you don't want to come off as a grouch and say, "I count down the seconds until I get to go home each day."