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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Taking some time

Can't say I'm completely over tearing up at random moments, but I'm doing much better today. I did some cleaning around the house and made what are probably the most disgusting pancakes ever created, of which even Family Dog was suspicious (I don't know what went wrong, other than the fact that I made the pancakes, because I followed the recipe exactly. Ugh. This is why I don't cook.) Anyway, this afternoon we took a short roadtrip, about 25 minutes away, to go for a picnic. We played some fetch after the picnic and then Husband and Family Dog went for a hike while I did some light non-law-related reading. Family Dog is tuckered out, she had a fantastic time, which she deserved since she's been a loyal labrador and laid around with us all depressed the past two days. We had a pretty good time too, it was nice to get out of the house, get a change of scenary and enjoy some nice weather.

Tonight I think we're going to watch "Rome" which we just got on DVD, and eat some ice cream. Tomorrow and Monday shall be reserved for catching up on missed reading assignments and getting back into the game.

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