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Sunday, September 23, 2007


I'm taking a break from Professional Responsibility, and am considering an ice cream run (I never got a call from the clinic about having Gestational Diabetes, which in theory means my test came back normal... oh darling ice cream, our love affair continues). We've got Quiz #2 this week, so I'm using a classmate's "Law in a Flash" cards to study. For you 1L's out there, I think they're a helpful study aid. Last semester, several of us got together and played Trivial Pursuit using the Law in a Flash cards for each class. It somehow made studying for Property, Con Law, Civ Pro II, and Contracts II less mundane. They have fun little hypotheticals and such. However, it's important to remember that with any study aid, it won't necessarily be what you learned in class. Especially with Property, there was stuff we didn't cover that were in the flash cards. That can cause panic attacks during studying. Overall, I think they're useful though, as long as you are just using them for practice hypos.

This weekend I also read through the (new) problem for moot court. Our brilliant moot court people failed to discover that the original problem they passed out was very similar to one that a 1L writing club did last year (it wasn't my writing club). So, after I'd already read the problem and began doing research, we were notified there was a new problem in our box. Ugh. Thanks. I actually like the new problem better though, so that's a plus. The last one was similar to the whole Bong Hits for Jesus thing, and I'm about sick of that case. I think everyone's now used that as a tryout problem for journals/moot courts/etc.

I hope to have all of my research done this week for my brief, and a basic outline of what my brief will be by Friday. I know it's probably unlikely for me to get that much done, but we'll see. I want to write the brief next weekend so I can spend the week editing and then printing it on pretty paper and spiral binding it and such. I also start back to work tomorrow, which I'm very excited about. I need some added structure, and hopefully work will give it to me.

That's about it. Husband and I spent the weekend studying and sleeping. He had a paper to write, and I had a bazillion pages to read. I still have a bazillion more to read. I feel like I'm so behind. I haven't started outlining yet, I hope to start doing that once this brief is done. I seriously feel so behind and it's not even October yet!


CM said...

I love Law in a Flash! They got me through the MPRE. I'll have to steal that Trivial Pursuit idea.

caradepollo said...

we had a brand new property teacher who glossed over covenants in property in, like, 5 minutes saying, "it's never on the bar." Ugh.