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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Poked again

Today's appointment included an attempt to give me gestational diabetes by making me drink sugar water. Then I got poked an hour later. If my blood sugar is all crazy then I'll have to go in for a longer test. I don't know if the stuff gave me diabetes, but it sure gave me indigestion. Yuck. I also had a real prenatal appointment today, which I'm now supposed to have every two weeks. I got measured, and pee'd in a cup. Everything's normal. I gained a little bit of weight in the past two weeks. I'm now up to 8 pounds of weight gain, although I think about 3 of those pounds is from the water in my ankles. Blech.

Everything else was the same as last week, which is good. Shunts still in place, they appear to be working, and most importantly, no recurrence of hydrops. Week 25 down. Maximum of 15 to go. Weekly ultrasounds at $600 each. $600 times 15. Ugh. They'd better give us a discount.

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PT-LawMom said...

Hooray for good news. Boo on the ultrasounds. :( Does your doctor know what's going on financially? Can he make any kind of arrangement with you? What a stressor!