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Friday, September 14, 2007

Playing catch-up

Had I been a better law student and spent my time laid up in the hospital studying and not moping/feeling sorry for myself, I wouldn't have a billion things to do this weekend. I took my PR make-up quiz this morning, at least that's done. I can't say for certain, but I don't think it went so well. It was a really hard quiz. 10 multiple choice questions, and those evil questions where several choices can be correct, I suck at those. I was only sure about four of the answers; who knows about the other six. Also, I went in at 8 am to take the quiz, and my brain does not fully wake up until at least noon. I'm such a mess, truly.

Anyway, I have to go back down to the law school tonight to (hopefully) pick up my stuff for moot court. I e-mailed the professor in charge of moot court when I missed the mandatory meeting (one of the three meetings I missed when I left town last Wednesday), and didn't hear back from him until yesterday, when he simply forwarded my e-mail to the moot court president, asking him to contact me. Moot Court Prez contacts me early this morning and says he's putting the stuff in my mailbox. I e-mailed him at 1pm and advised it's not in my box, and asked if he can't get me the stuff today, can I have an extension on the cite test (you know, since everyone else had two weeks to do it, and I'll have two days). Yeah, no extensions on the cite test, didn't have the stuff by the time I left for the afternoon and I really needed to go home and lay down. If that stuff's not in my box tonight, I'm saying to hell with moot court, and I'll just drop. The Trial Advocacy Board folks got back to me within 24 hours and gave me the information electronically, none of this crazy hardcover copies in the mailbox stuff. TAB's not even a real class, but I'm registered for moot court for actual credit. Not impressed.

This weekend's activities include: (maybe) doing the cite test for moot court, preparing our case for the TAB trial next weekend, hosting the in-laws on Saturday, and having dinner at my tax professor's house on Sunday night (his wife is a gourmet chef, I'm so excited). And of course, reading like crazy to catch up on the reading I didn't do. We're getting so close to October, if I don't get caught up and start outlining soon, I'll be in real trouble!


CM said...

I am so impressed that you are finding time to even think about all this!

Re: Moot Court... that's just wrong. You had SURGERY. If you're doing moot court for credit, is there somebody else at your school who you can talk to about extensions and accommodations? I don't know if the structure at your school is the same, but at my school the Dean of Students Office would be all over this.

PT-LawMom said...

I agree -- instead of doing all of this yourself, I'd enlist the dean's help to coordinate it all. You have so much on your plate already!

I hear you about catching up. This semester has not started off well.

caradepollo said...

yeah-- like you could have comprehended a tax law casebook during your downtime in the hospital. i'm even worse-- i just used the whole first three month fatigue factor as an excuse to avoid biz orgs. i actually told the prof not to call on me because i've been too sick to read and can't brook the embarrassment. it worked. the older we get, the easier it gets to set boundaries.

don't be too hard on yourself.

And i'm really glad that you are headed back on your track.