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Monday, September 24, 2007

Parking Nazis

Exactly what kind of jackass gives a person with a disabled parking tag a parking ticket for going 5 minutes over on a parking meter, when the person in question shouldn't even have to pay to park at a meter in the first place, because the disabled parking tag allows them to park anywhere else in the entire lot, except for the fact that the entire lot is full except for the ton of metered parking spaces, and all of the other lots nearby are full as well. What the hell good is getting a disabled parking tag if there's nowhere to park with it? I looked for a space for 30 minutes before giving up and parking at the meter, at which I get a ticket. I am furious. I sent a rather biting e-mail to the parking office, not that they give a shit, because they're Parking Nazis after all. Since I got the disabled tag, I have had a lot of trouble finding parking spaces. Parking ten minutes away from the law building rather defeats the purpose of disability parking, considering if you're supposed to be disabled, you can't walk for ten minutes!

And I'm really mad because I went and fed the meter between every class, which was exhausting because it's still a bit of a walk. I got the ticket just before I was leaving for the day. I'm pretty sure Parking Nazis belong in the Eighth Circle of Hell, those guilty of deliberate, knowing evil.


teahouse said...

Ugggg..there's nothing I hate more than having to feed a parking meter!! Everytime I sneak out and do it, I have to glance around like I'm doing something illegal, lest a meter maid should walk by!!

PT-LawMom said...

A-holes! I would totally fight it, in person. Just belly on up to the counter with a sad face and see if they'll dismiss it.