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Monday, September 10, 2007


We're going home today. I'll still be on bedrest (with special permission to sit in my law school classes as long as I don't move much or lift anything), but we get to go home. My amniotic fluids are still low, but they're in the low range of normal, so we're good. Unfortunately, the CCAM has gotten slightly bigger. We won't be having surgery again this week at least. Can't speak for subsequent weeks just yet, but the longer we can last without having another surgery, the better. The closer we get to a safe delivery, much better.

Still have a long road ahead, and while the hydrops is improving, it's not gone yet. We get to be a little more optomistic today though, because we get to go home after nearly a week. We still have to take it one week at a time, one ultrasound at a time. But for today, we can breathe (guardedly) more easily.

And I have some serious reading to catch up on!!


Cecilia said...

It must feel good to be hope. As one of ther other posters said, strength and peace to you in this time.

Cecilia said...

i said "be hope" but meant "be home." but not a bad slip - be hope too!

PT-LawMom said...

(((HUGS)) The casebooks don't count as heavy lifting? ;) Maybe you should see if you can get a classmate to help you get to/from class with all of those nasty books! Good luck.

Shelley said...

I'm so glad for the news! Let your husband spoil you! :)

Patrick Lafferty said...

Sorry for copying this comment from an earlier post--wanted to make sure you saw this

Hi! I found your blog by googling. Amazing we are going through similar circumstances. We have a baby who has a large CCAM in her chest cavity (65-70%) and we are at 24 weeks. We have just been released from Houston Children's Fetal Treatment Center to go back home to Dallas and be monitored here. Our daughter also has a large hole in her heart on top of the CCAM. This is so scary, as you know. Please check out our website, as my husband has diaried our experience as you have: exitstrategy07.wordpress.com. We'll keep in touch.

You've honored life in the decisions you've made. It's worth the risk.