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Thursday, September 20, 2007


We heard back today from the University we needed to host us for a summer study abroad. They've decided not to take us. There's already 3 law schools that go there in the summer, and they won't take anymore, even though our dates are different from the other schools. I think it's too late to start the process over again, considering we have an Oct. 1 deadline to submit our ABA accreditation application. So disappointed. I've worked so hard on this project, trying to get it going, and that's it, we're done. I mean, it's not like we can't still create our own program, just not for this summer. Which means I won't be able to go, because I will have graduated by summer '09 (knock on wood), and studying for the crappy bar exam. But at least we can create a program that will be a legacy for us to leave behind. There's some comfort in that. But not much. Not an incredibly cheap three-week trip to Europe kind of comfort.

I got the phone call right before class (the class I'm currently in and only half paying attention to now). Then I got called on first thing. Obviously I'm not really thinking about the class after getting a huge dose of disappointment right before class started. So, I really struggled through the questioning, and totally got lawyered with every point I tried to make. Oh well. I feel completely defeated. We have an ILS meeting this afternoon, and I had intended on announcing our plans for summer abroad at the meeting. So much for that.

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