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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cite testing

I'm still annoyed by the moot court thing. I'm working on the cite test now, which I only received Friday evening and is due Wednesday. It will probably take me the majority of the next two days to do, and that's really annoying since I have the TAB problem to work on as well as trying to get caught up on homework. But more annoying than the fact that they wouldn't give me an extension (even though everyone else had a week and a half longer than I do to get this done), is that the cite test is riddled with type-o's and other errors. If we make a single type-o in our response, the entire question is counted wrong, and they can't be bothered to not screw up a bunch of the questions? Yeah, I'm really not impressed with our moot court people at all. The thought of dropping out has occurred to me multiple times while working on this test, considering if they're this difficult now, imagine how they'll be come brief/oral argument time, as well as the next three semesters if I make the cut. But I guess the citations are good practice, and so is the oral argument practice, the only reason I'm still doing this. Maybe we can work on some quality control for next year.

Tonight, I'm having dinner with two professors to get some work done on the summer abroad project. We need to get our accreditation stuff together and get it sent in so we can get the ball rolling. That should be fun, especially as Mrs. Professor is a gourmet chef and I can't wait to find out what culinary masterpiece awaits. Hopefully I'll be done with at least half of this cite test by then. Which means getting up early tomorrow in order to do my Monday class reading, yuck. After this week, things will be much better. I should be (reasonably) caught up on my work, the TAB competition will be over, and work can begin on outlining. Should I actually get the cite test finished and pass it, then briefs are due the first week of October, then arguments will be the middle of October. Not a bad timeline, so long as I can keep going without further interruption.

Anyway, enough whining about having work to do. Time to go do it.

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