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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today, I:

Attended four classes, three of which are back-to-back, from 9am to 3:30pm;

Finished my moot court cite test with the utmost mediocrity;

Ended up printing the posters for our Thursday ILS meeting myself and going back to the law school at 10pm to tape them up. (If you want something done right...) ;

Prepared talking points for the ILS meeting for my VP to take over, should I not be able to make it;

Prepared for a meeting with the professors and study abroad folks for tomorrow afternoon, and briefed my colleague helping me with it, so she can lead the meeting should I not be able to make it;

Sent Husband to the grocery store to buy food for the Thursday ILS meeting. (He's currently cutting cheese into cubes.) Should I not be able to make the meeting, my Secretary has instructions to come to our house to pick up the food;

Treated Husband to ice cream at our favorite parlor;

Did my laundry so I can wear clothes to school tomorrow (my colleagues will be grateful);

Opened the first of the medical bills from Children's Hospital and actually didn't cry, or hyperventilate;

Am about to read for Insurance for tomorrow;

Am going to take a Benadryl before bed so I can actually sleep tonight instead of worry about tomorrow's appointment.