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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to school

I went back to school today, which was difficult but good for my spirits (even if it is September 11). I had four classes today, none of which I was particularly prepared for, but fortunately no one was cruel enough to call on me my first day back. I have a lot of work to catch up on, but fortunately it's still early enough in the semester to not make much difference.

I am having some discomfort as a result of all of the medical procedures, specifically some mild back pain (I imagine from the epidural) and my right hand aches, from the horrible IV. During the weekend hospital stay, they pumped me full of fluids and antibiotics, one of the antibiotics burned so badly I would just cry the whole time it was running. By Monday, the vein was shot and my hand was red and swollen. Today it feels like I have arthritis. Husband, and many other people, keep saying how proud they are of me, and how great I'm doing. I really don't think so, and it just makes me feel guilty about all the complaining I do. I have an extremely low pain tolerance, and I have severe, and quite embarrassing, anxiety attacks when needles are involved. Having future surgeries looming over my head is my own personal hell. (Yes, I am still five years old and needing to be bribed with a promise of a trip to the toy store if I don't scream bloody murder and embarrass my mother at the doctor's office while getting a shot. )

In completely unrelated pregnancy news, I have the worst heartburn today. I'm having Tums for dinner. All this craziness had distracted me from the normal misery of pregnancy. I think Nature owes me one, and should at least spare me the rest of the pregnancy woes such as stretch marks and hemorrhoids. I think I've paid my dues.

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PT-LawMom said...

(((HUGS))) I hear you on the complaining thing. If one more person asks me how I'm doing, I think I'll scream. I just feel like a whiner. Hope the heartburn improves, the hand pain eases and the back pain stops quickly!! Keep us posted.