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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too Hot For School

I'm really hoping Fall starts soon, because even walking the ten minutes from the parking garage to the law school is going to give me heat stroke. 95 degrees. Is that really necessary? It's going to be even hotter tomorrow.

So Day 2 of law school. I've now experienced all of my classes. Today was a short day. I had Italian, then I had Insurance, then I got to come home and have lunch with my husband. I expected to get the syllabus and go home in Italian, but she actually taught us today. However, the opposite happened in Insurance. We didn't go over the cases, he passed out the syllabus, mumbled at us for 25 minutes then let us go early. Not that I'm complaining, just wasn't expecting that at all.

So far things are good. Tax is just awful, of course. One of the professors couldn't be there yesterday, so my professor taught both sections at once, moving us to the auditorium/courtroom instead. Since he had both sections, he just lectured. And then I suddenly understood the reading. I learn so much more from lectures than from the stupid Socratic method. If I already knew all the answers, I wouldn't have to sit in the classroom, now would I? Reason through it myself? Bah, why would I want to do that? I certainly don't want to sit there while my classmates reason through the material. I pay a significant amount of money to go to law school, the least they could do is have the professors teach me the material. Oh well. One of the many reasons I dislike law school.

Anyway, four classes to study for tomorrow, and I have to get to campus extra early if I want to get parking. The rest of the University started today, which meant the parking garage was packed with undergrads. Fortunately the traffic will ease up in a couple weeks when the undergrads stop going to class and/or drop out of school. But the first few weeks will be nightmarish. Freshmen everywhere.


prettylawchick said...

you have Italian as a law school class???


Proto Attorney said...

I wish! Nah, I just have two language classes to finish for my master's degree. At least it doesn't count on my gpa!!