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Monday, August 6, 2007


I was in a teasing mood last night and told Husband that I wanted presents. He asked what kind of presents, I just said presents. I should get presents because I'm growing a baby, and I want presents. He said he would buy me new shoes since it's his fault that they keep getting eaten. (He apparently felt really bad about my shoes, since he swore he had looked around and didn't see any of my shoes in the room when he left her out.) So we're going shopping this weekend! We're driving out to visit Mother-in-Law and she is a connoisseur of shoes, so she'll know where to go. ;)

My mom actually bought me presents this weekend too. She came over yesterday with two big bags of maternity clothes that she just randomly bought for me. Two pants suits, four skirts (that also match the jackets), three shirts and several camis to wear with the suits. I know it probably cost her a small fortune, but that's my mom for ya. When I complained how I couldn't find any business attire, she apparently went on a shopping spree and bought all she could find! She went to several different stores before tracking down the preggo businesswear, and even found it on sale. So I'm very happy, I love my mommy.

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