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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pregnancy anger

Is it bad that I had a clear picture in my mind of me chasing my husband, beating him with my half-eaten shoe? I refrained from actually doing it, I guess I haven't completely lost it yet. Husband didn't lock Family Dog in the kitchen last night, instead, he put the baby gate in the hallway which gives her access to the kitchen, dining room and living room. Labs are notorious for being "boredom chewers" (boredom coming from being unattended) and ours definitely is. Shoes, pens, books, purse, garbage, basically anything and everything that's there. Except her multitude of chew toys, of course. Last night's casualty was my very comfy dress sandals I've been wearing to work, that were purchased to replace the last pair of dress sandals she ate because Husband left her out unattended (she actually pulled them out of my shoe rack in the closet).

I threw Family Dog outside before I decided to beat her with my half-eaten shoe, which was a distinct possibility. Poor husband though, he rushed out of bed thinking there was something wrong, as I'm screaming expletives from the living room. He said if he'd known I was mad at him, he would have stayed in bed, hiding under the covers.


PT-LawMom said...

That's when you turn around and beat your husband with the shoe! ;) Serves him right for venturing out into the anger zone.

kimberly said...

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