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Friday, August 17, 2007

Orienting the 1L's

Today began orientation for the 1L's. They made us get there before 8am, which was awful and unnecessary. I haven't been sleeping very well anyway, and Husband seems to be having issues lately with how to tell time and/or set an alarm clock (i.e. accidently setting it for random times throughout the night and early morning). Last night it went off at midnight. Then instead of turning it off, he hit snooze. So just as I fall back asleep, it goes off again. When it went off for the third time, I incoherently shouted what were supposed to be obscenities, grabbed all four of my pillows, and slept on the couch. I'm still at least 4 months away from being consistently woken up in the middle of the night by crying. I really don't need the practice right now.

So, I got there, quite groggy, at 8 am to meet and greet all the bright-eyed 1L's about to have their little spirits crushed by the harsh realities of law school. At least they had coffee and doughnuts. We had to attend a way-too-long welcome session where four law school deans gave lengthy pep talks and our SBA president talked about the opportunities for free beer. Then we sent the 1L's off to have 20 minute sessions of their first classes, pictures taken for the law school facebook, etc. Then we got pizza for lunch (and not even good pizza, like, crappy pizza), and had a little roundtable discussion about law school with our 1L orientation group. I'm pretty sure I already have a few of them pegged. The party kids, the over-achievers, the apathetic kid, and definitely one of the gunners.

One thing I found funny today was one of the deans talking about law school grades, and how if you happen to be in the top 10% to not turn into a conceited asshole. Good advice. We had one guy who definitely did. What kind of a prick leaves an exam and tells one of his classmates (and supposed friends) lamenting a bad testing experience, "Yeah, I definitely CALI'd that." Screw. You.

Anyway, I'm not very happy to be back. Being in the library lobby chatting with my classmates rather gave me a headache. They're always so... argumentative. I'm supposed to go have dinner with them tonight and the thought exhausts me. I think my goal for this semester is to find a nice quiet place to study by myself and avoid the competitive hostilities of law school.


Butterflyfish said...

Wish I could be one of those drinking law students so I could write a post entitled "Disorienting the 2Ls"

Shelley said...

That sounds exactly like my one time helping out at orientation, but you'd have to add, "I gave the absolute worst campus tour ever" for it to be true. :)

What mean CALI'd mean?

Proto Attorney said...

Oh, I thought all schools did that, maybe it's just ours. We have "CALI" awards for the best grade in each course. Something extra to put on the resume, I guess, although since I've never gotten one I'm not really sure what it is exactly!