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Friday, August 24, 2007

One week down, fourteen to go

This week wasn't too bad, although if the temperature were, oh, thirty degrees lower, it would have been a much better week. I managed to keep up with all of my reading and not fall asleep/pee myself in any classes. I'm not sure how I will feel when I start back to work, as I've been struggling to keep awake in the afternoons. But if work is too difficult, I can always cut back on the hours, or stop working altogether (which I would really hate to do).

My favorite class so far? Insurance. Who knew? I guess all those years of insurance defense work sunk in somehow, but I find it really interesting. Not so interesting? Tax (duh). But I'm also not enjoying the Internet Law class as much as I thought I would. So far it's been all civil procedure/conflicts of law stuff. Blech. Hopefully it will get more exciting. Other classes: Professional Responsibility (ethics? wha?), with the MPRE to look forward to; Economic & Dignitary Torts (torting people in new and exciting ways); and Italian (taught by a woman with the craziest hair I've ever seen). No word on Moot Court yet, not sure when that starts up. Also no word yet on Trial Advocacy Board.

I'm very glad I did not do the journal write-on. My classmates on journal are going crazy right now. Also, I am not participating in OCI's this year. I refuse. What a complete waste of time. Last year I got several interviews, only to find in each one that they had no interest in hiring me whatsoever. One guy even went so far as to tell me that he had "absolutely nothing to offer" me because he practices insurance defense, and I already had four years experience in insurance defense. (Uh, how about a JOB, wouldn't THAT be something to offer me?) Ultimately, I decided to go back to my previous employer, which I was pretty sure I would anyway, because if I'm not going to make the big bucks at a big firm, then I wanted to be somewhere I already knew I liked it. I've worked for a couple other firms in town, and know people at quite a few mid-size firms, and as far as work environment, I think we're tops. Not so tops in pay, but being treated with respect is more important than a slight increase in pay.

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Shelley said...

I can't imagine trying to sit through a law school class while pregnant -- it was difficult enough to make it through when I wasn't! (Although I'm not shy about getting up and leaving when I want to.)

My Cyberlaw class never did get interesting -- although it did get me to start reading all of the terms & conditions for software. Something, I guess. And I liked the irony of IMing my classmates in the class, not least because it drove the professor crazy. :)