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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New baby

Our friend just had her baby girl this morning, my husband's new goddaughter, via elective c-section. So cute! So tiny! I can't believe that tiny little creature has been hiding out in my friend's midsection for 9 months. My friend never got very big either, so I'm not real convinced the baby actually came out of her anyway! But Baby's adorable and perfect. It was scary holding her! I don't know why, I've held plenty of newborns before, including my nieces and nephew. But I think there's this sudden realization that four months from now (FOUR? only FOUR???), that warm little bundle of pink skin and (most likely, since we had) a black poof of hair, will belong to ME. And I'll be taking it home from the hospital. And it will be living with me for the next 18 years. And I'll be (jointly) responsible for its well-being. Whew, that's scary.

There's a whole lifetime of potential in that warm little bundle, weighing barely over 6 pounds and fighting to stay awake so she can see what's going on (she's just so alert, I was surprised). And in four months, that warm little bundle is going to have a little friend.

Tomorrow afternoon, we have our ultrasound and we'll find out if our little bundle is a boy, or a girl.


Andrea said...

I know! I had a little episode the other day where I paced around the couch (where my husband was lying) and talked about how we could never stop being parents ever - he and I could theoretically get divorced and that would be it, but even if the kid went crazy, terminated our parental rights, and stopped talking to us, we would still always know we were her parents. Whew!

Zuska said...

Will you share with us, your loyal readers, the gender of your baby?

Proto Attorney said...

Of course!! And even his/her intended name. :)