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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Last week of work

I only have two more days of work for the summer. I'm returning to Mid-Size Firm after school starts, but I'm giving myself a month off to get reacclimated to law school.

Today I went to the Local County Bar Association women's luncheon. Sadly, Mid-Size Firm did not pay for our lunch. However, it was well worth it. The speaker was one of our state congresswomen who is the chair of the house judiciary committee. And the food was great. Money well spent.

Afterwards, I came back to the office to write the World's Worst Memorandum. Today's law lesson was in Making the Client Happy by Filing Motions Without a Snowball's Chance in Hell of Being Granted. Usually things in law are ambiguous enough to be able to at least formulate some sort of argument. Not this though. It was really hard to come up with anything to say in the memorandum. Um, motion should be granted because, like, well, we want it to be? Ugh. At least I don't have to argue it.

Tomorrow morning I'm attending an adoption hearing, and tomorrow afternoon I have a meeting on campus with our education abroad department in order to discuss the potential of our own law school study abroad program. Which I need to go prepare for now.

I can't believe the summer is over, and classes start on the 21st. And one week after classes start... we have our ultrasound and we'll hopefully know what brand of baby we're having.

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