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Friday, August 3, 2007


Is it bad that I still have very little tolerance for other people's children? As I was sitting in the university clinic lab for 30 minutes waiting to get blood drawn for the triple screen, someone's child screamed for 29 of those minutes, at the top of his lungs. I have no idea what he was fussing about, he was screaming words I couldn't quite make out between his hysterical sobs, and his mother was cuddling him, trying to calm him down, which obviously did not work. When I left the clinic, he was still screaming. He's probably still screaming now. Is it really bad that my initial reaction is quite similar to that which my mother had with me: she put the fear of god into me that if I made one more peep, my life could very well be in serious danger.

A friend once confessed that she does not like children. She has one of her own, but says that's different than other people's children. I really hope so. Because otherwise, I might be in big trouble here.


LL said...

I think it's definitely different with your own. I've always known I wanted children and simultaneously always felt guilty for not enjoying other children more. My brother and sister would play with our younger cousins for hours, but after one hour or so I would need some grown-up time.

My mom said she never had any interest in babies until she had her own. She was an incredible and loving mother, but she's still not baby- or kid-crazy with other children. So no worries- you'll think your little one is pretty much the greatest thing on the planet :)

Chris said...

I totally understand. My wife can play with other people's kids for hours but I have very little tolerance. Since having our own I have learned how to tune them out a little better, you will see what I mean in few years, but I'm still fairly intolerant of all children but my own.
I think that there is definitely a special bond that you share with your own child that just makes it different. And remember at least you don't have to take theirs home with you.

Shelley said...

My husband and I are the same way -- we adore Eden, but unless they're the precocious children of close friends, I'm not all that interested.

PT-LawMom said...

I have no tolerance for other peoples' children. Mine can grate on my nerves enough. What makes your children especially cute is seeing part of you in them, but even their annoying habits will bother you. Totally normal! :)

CM said...

See, the difference is that when my kid cries, he's trying to communicate that something is wrong. When other people's kids cry, they're just trying to annoy me. It's not me, it's them.

legally certifiable said...

Yeah, I only like my own kids. How is it that I am able to raise such perfect angels while everyone else is raising screaming brats? ;)

Andreia said...

See you aren't crazy! I too was not a baby-lover. In fact, I had rarely even babysat as a kid. I did manage to pop out four of my own and I can tell you that it is completely different.

The cool thing about your own is that you understand where they are coming from. If they are ill-behaved you know its cause they couldn't sleep the night or their sister has been bugging them like mad. You can empathize but with other kids you dont have that frame of reference.

One thing I will recommend to you if you really want to maintain friendships is to pretend to be super interested in other people's kids. I try to always ask first about how Johnny is doing in soccer etc. Also, don't expect the courtesy in return. I think it is just the nature of humans. You will however, reap the rewards of appearing to be kind and concerned and that can go a LONG way.

Zuska said...

I am often not only irritated, but INFURIATED, by other people's children. I feel very bad about it, since I have children, and they used to be the irritating ages (2-5? 0-5?).

I am convinced, however, that my parenting was oh-so-perfect that my children never annoyed a single soul. ;)