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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Can anyone recommend a good place to buy maternity business attire? All the sites I've seen on-line are ridiculously over-priced and, generally, quite ugly. I'd like to not wear muumuus to work, or to events such as the moot court competition, but I'm having trouble finding professional attire in a size "ginormous." I've checked local stores, and they don't have anything appropriate.

But I am excited that I managed to find "pregnancy navel rings" that are supposed to be able to be kept in throughout the entire pregnancy. Of course naysayer Husband pointed out that my stomach will be so saggy and stretch-marky that I won't care about a pierced belly button anyway, but I'm trying to hang onto my youth here, people! And besides once I'm done having children, and someday paid a decent enough salary that I can finance my vanity, I'll have my saggy stomach nipped and tucked back into place. Then I can embarrass my children by wearing age-inappropriate midriff-baring attire. Hmm. Might need more than a tummy tuck for all that.


LL said...

I actually got most of my work clothes from Motherhood Maternity. Some of their styles are too mu-mu-y and frilly, but I got a nice pair of khaki and black pants and several good work shirts. The store is very inexpensive and as long as you inspect each piece before you buy it for straight seems and such, I think it's a good deal- everything I bought held up well. I also got a few nice tops from Gap Maternity- they ended up being the only ones I could wear up until the day before I went into labor (I did go into labor 4 weeks early, but I think there was still some room left in those tops!).

PT-LawMom said...

Can you find a local working moms group and see if anyone has stuff to lend? You can also try a consignment store. I had a friend's sister lend me a lot when I was pregnant, but I was also fortunate enough to work at a firm that didn't make us dress up too much.

I disagree with LL and think Motherhood is expensive! Plus I found that the items tended to be lower quality. I really loved the Liz Lange line, but they're a bit more casual. I think JC Penney has some maternity stuff - at least I know they have good bras!

LawSchoolMom said...

I like A Pea in the Pod but they are a bit on the expensive side. And about that navel ring: at some point your skin will become so stretched and the piercing will become so painful that you will just want it out. Youth be damned! No worries, though, the hole can be easily redone when you're ready.

Henny Penny said...

I bought black and khaki maternity pants from JCPenny's and paired it with professional looking maternity tops from a consignment store and wore my regular non maternity blue and black suit tops unbuttoned.