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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sixteen going on seventeen...

I had my 16 week appointment on Tuesday. Again, I pee'd in a cup, got weighed, and 2nd Year Family Practice Resident located a fetal heartbeat. All is good. I won't go into how I waited for over an hour to be seen, and how I could hear them discussing my medical records from the lobby about 20 minutes before they even called me back (HIPAA? What's HIPAA?). Family Practice scheduled my ultrasound for an inconvenient date, so I rescheduled it today for August 29. I'm waiting the extra two weeks because my new insurance kicks in on August 27, and I'm getting really tired of paying that 20% copay on every little lab test. Fortunately new insurance is better. No deductibles, no copays. It's our University's hospital anyway, I think they should be treating me for free, regardless.

I'm still below my pre-pregnancy weight, which isn't surprising since I was so sick in the first 14 weeks, and even now I barely have any appetite. Well, I'm probably eating what an actual single serving is supposed to be, as opposed to the heeping portions I usually eat. Apparently I've been "eating for two" all along, but now, I can barely eat for one! Which is good, because I'm sure I'll be making up for it soon enough.

I realized yesterday that I only have two weeks left of work! I'm so sad! I like working at Midsize Firm, and I really like NOT being in law school. So August 10 is my last day for summer, and I'm going to try squeezing in 8 hours of work each week (2 afternoons) during the fall starting in September.

I know I should probably not work at all with as many hours as I'm taking this semester, but I find that when I am working, I'm a little more structured and I manage my time better. I worked full time to put myself through undergrad, and I worked at Midsize Firm before I started law school, while I was working on my masters degree. It keeps me focused, and I don't go home and find excuses not to do homework. I know I have exactly one hour to get this read, so I get it read. If I have 8 hours, I'm going to do nothing all day until it's time to go to bed and I haven't read it, and geez, I'm so tired now, what does this even say? So, I'm hoping to fight my own procrastination demons with work. And get a paycheck. Paychecks are nice, even small ones.

I've managed to spend more money this summer than I've actually made. With three weddings, two of which are out of town and required accommodations, repairs to my car (clutch, timing belt), some new clothes for me and Husband, year's worth of contact lenses, medical copays, new health insurance premium for the year, new life insurance policy premiums, and I'm just about to purchase my new textbooks. Yikes.

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Megan said...

Just found your blog - love it! Good luck with the student health insurance thing - it's a debacle at our school, too. It's even hard to opt OUT of it, which you think they would be more than happy to allow :)