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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Preggo thoughts

I stayed up way too late reading Harry Potter. (Finished it! I stole it back from Husband when he went to take a nap. He said I could keep reading and he's finishing it today. Isn't that nice? We share.) It was rather stupid staying up so late, I knew it would be rough getting up, and I wouldn't be able to get up early enough to fully recover from the morning sickness. Plus, I had to cantor this morning at mass, so there was no playing hookie, there was just barf-and-go.

But I made it through, and then had brunch with my husband and another couple we're friends with who are also expecting. She's 8 1/2 months pregnant and I'm really rather mortified that I looked more pregnant before I got pregnant, than she does even now. She looks great. Glowing, not swollen. Cute little baby bump. Not throwing up. Sigh. Once I birth, I need to hit some serious Weight Watchers meetings and start doing my studying on the treadmill. Law school has not been good for my waistline, and I really doubt pregnancy will be any more kind.

Besides reading Harry Potter, I spent some time this weekend looking at stuff on-line to put into a registry. All the crap out there is so overwhelming. Do kids really need this stuff? Didn't people used to wrap their baby in a blanket, pin a diaper on it, and put it in a box to sleep in? Surely it doesn't need a $500 stroller to survive. And is it really necessary to buy a bottle actually shaped like a boob? Ugh. Anyway, aside from that all the brands and varieties are a little overwhelming as well. I just feel like I'm not going to have any real idea what I need until I actually need it. And what if I get a bunch of stuff and the kid hates all of it, just screams at me, and then I have to go buy new stuff? That would suck. I'm just glad I'm getting some hand-me-downs.

In other pregnancy-related experiences, there was a clear sense of intrusion yesterday while I was cleaning out my office that will soon enough become a nursery. Now, I've known since we bought the house, that we would be using that room for a nursery in the future and that my office was only temporary and would have to be moved. But I still experienced a slight sense of resentment that my peaceful, self-centered life, equipped with my cozy upstairs office, was about to turn into a noisy, sleep-deprived, baby-centered life, equipped with a nursery and me banished to the cold basement to work. As a general rule, I fear change and this one's a doozy.

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PT-LawMom said...

Kid doesn't need a $500 stroller. You may find a higher-end stroller more comfortable to steer and with more cool options, but a cheap Target one could work just as well. There are so many things out there you are told you "should" get that you really don't need, depending on your style. For example, we NEVER used a changing table. We just threw down old towels or the diaper bag mat and did changes on the sofa or the floor. We NEVER used the crib -- instead, we ended up co-sleeping after a rough first week with our son in the NICU. We NEVER used the pack 'n' play because it was just too awkward/difficult to lay him in and he hated it. He would cry and cry (other friends swear by them). We used the bouncy seat and the bouncy roller chair thingee all the time. The swing was a lifesaver and we had one for each floor, plus one at my mother's house. I could go on and on, but basically you can always get stuff after he's born if you're not sure you really need it. Buy the essentials, seek advice on parenting boards and from BTDT mothers and use hand-me-downs. We were very blessed to receive a ton of items from friends and family and our son never knew the difference. ;) (Oh, and unless you're in a very cold climate and willing to use the changing table, no need for a wipe warmer. The Diaper Genie is really not worth it either since you're usually not close to it when you need it.)