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Monday, July 16, 2007


I have to take a moment to complain about 2nd Tier Law School. We don't have a study abroad program. We would like one. We don't even have a summer school program. We have either Professional Responsibility and Insurance Law offered each summer, and I'm already taking both in the fall. Lame.

Anyway, I contacted our career services (2 months ago, but whatever) to discuss promotion of study abroad for our students, at the very least for participation in programs run by other schools. I finally talked to the dean today and she made sure to point out that she has a short blurb on the back of some page of some handout [that she hasn't updated in a decade or so] that has the URL of the ABA's list of approved programs, and the phone number of our education abroad office on main campus to help us research financial aid. I'm underwhelmed. But at least she said she'd support any efforts I'm willing to take to promote study abroad for our students. (Thank you for supporting me in doing your job.)

You know, when I first applied to 2nd Tier Law School, it was actually in the First Tier. (I deferred my enrollment for one year to pursue graduate work in international relations, so I actually applied in 2004.) Things like complete apathy for promoting our school and expanding our opportunities might have something to do with our continual slip. Not that the ratings really mean all that much, it's not like we'll ever be knocking Harvard or Yale down a few notches. No one will ever say "Ooooh! You went to [2nd Tier School]!" But it's just frustrating, because our school has so much potential, and we have a great, energetic student body who would embrace new opportunities.

I just hope my pleas don't fall on deaf ears to the administration that we can create our own study abroad program and there is enough student interest to support at least one class each summer, maybe even two. It's our main project at ILS this year, along with fundraising and actually finding interesting people willing to give guest lectures. I would also like to implement an annual networking luncheon with our students and with professionals in international law, I just don't think we'll have the money to do it this year and next fall would be perfect.

So, we'll see. Things to do, things to do.

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