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Monday, July 23, 2007

Because I need more to do...

I seem to have a real problem piling too many things on top of myself.

I'm taking 19 hours this fall: Advanced Torts/Dignitary Torts (2), Insurance Law (3), Tax 1 (4), Internet Law (3), Professional Responsibility (3), Moot Court (1), and Italian 201 (3, although this will technically be audited).

I'm organizing the Women's Law Caucus luncheon and I'm running the Int'l Law Society this year. I've got two students I'm mentoring, one at the law school and one at the graduate school (for the masters degree I'm concurrently working on), and I'll be at both orientations next month. I run a small women's book club, I volunteer for our local ballet company (working the box office at each performance), and I have choir practice one night a week for church (although there's no way I can guarantee being there at Christmas since I'll be a week away from my due date, so that'll at least take some of the stress off when the holidays start approaching).

Oh yeah. And I'm married. And I'm pregnant. Boy am I dumb!

Anyway, my newest project is another one for ILS. On top of fundraising, working to get our own study abroad program, trying to get our money from the bank, and organizing a lecture from an Oxford professor, our new thing is now Jessup. We've been hoping to do Jessup in the past, and I don't know if there's not been any interest, but it hasn't happened. Hopefully it will happen this year.

I'm not sure that Jessup is something I should personally do, though, although I would really really like to do it. I signed up for Moot Court because I thought it would be good for me. I get horribly nervous with public speaking (sort of stupid since I want to litigate). So, I keep trying to push myself into activities that will make me feel more comfortable standing in front of a group of people. I did pretty well on our 1L activities (that was for our research/writing class). My brief was mediocre, but apparently my oral argument was pretty good. We get one hour of pass/fail credit for Moot Court if we complete the brief and oral argument, and if we make Moot Court, we get an additional 2 hours over the next three semesters (since we have to judge 1L oral arguments, and work on teams and such).

If I make it through this year in one piece, I will in fact be Wonder Woman. I'm such a glutton for punishment. No wonder my gpa is less than impressive. Study? Whenever would I do that?

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