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Saturday, July 14, 2007

15 weeks -- still nauseous

The fatigue is starting to subside, I'm sleeping a lot less (like only 8 to 9 hours a night instead of 12 to 14), but the nausea has not gone away. It has gotten better, I don't throw up every day, maybe like once a week. Also the nausea is related more to specific events, like smelling something bad or having an empty stomach. So, I'm hoping that things will continue to get better.

Work is going well, but this past week was extremely busy. Midsize Firm does not pay us for holidays, and I also took a day off to go to a family wedding out of state, so I had time to make up anyway. I'm even doing work over the weekend. There's a big mediation coming up in a big case and so there's three of us summer associates busting our butts to get the work done. Of course, all the work and none of the glory -- there will be way too many people attending the mediation as it is, so we don't get to go. But at least the crazy work load coincided with me actually feeling better. I even made it to work before 10 this week, it was quite the accomplishment.

Other pregnancy news: my pants are getting tight. That might be because I can actually keep food down now, but I think I'm start to pooch in my lower abdomen. I also am frequently getting headaches, but that is probably because I can't take my allergy medication anymore and I'm constantly sneezing/having sinus congestion. Family Dog was upset to be kicked out of the bed. I'm actually allergic to dogs and cats (we have one of each) but when I'm on my meds I'm fine. No meds for me now though, and that Claritin stuff is like taking a placebo for me. So I'm trying to keep the pets off the furniture (and especially off my pillows) to cut down on the dander. Also, Family Dog is a 75 pound labrador so the bigger I get, the less room there is anyway. You'd think I'd started locking Family Dog in the closet instead of just making her sleep on a dog bed, she's so crushed.

I think that's about it. I'm starting to get hand-me-downs from Sister-in-Law (one of Husband's sisters). I got some maternity clothes, which are starting to come in handy because pants are starting to not fit. However, her shirts are all too small (I'm a lot more "busty" than her) so I will have to get more maternity shirts. I have bought some already, and I also need to get a maternity business suit, because I'll have a few activities later in the semester I'll need to dress up for. But I figure by the time I'm most enormous it'll be Christmas, and I just plan to wear a muumuu and slippers and not leave the house or have visitors. Heh. But Sister-in-Law also gave us her very nice infant car seat, that came with two docking stations so we can easily put Baby in either car. Our first baby item! It starts feeling more real when the house starts filling up with baby equipment.

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Andrea said...

Wow - just discovered you via the Moms in Law School roundup. We're right on the same schedule so I will be reading regularly- I wish you lots of wellbeing!