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Monday, June 25, 2007

A Midsummer's Update

Okay, so it's a little past midsummer, we're now into the downhill approach towards fall semester.

What's been going on:

1. Morning sickness (gross);
2. Afternoon sickness (gross);
3. Night sickness (even more gross);
4. Fatigue;
5. Weight loss of 5 pounds (from all the throwing up);
6. Trying to show up to work, do work and not throw up on anyone (so far successful);
7. Done with the first year of law school, and done with the first trimester of pregnancy.

So far, so good, although the nausea has not miraculously disappeared as promised by those who have gone before me, and those who write books about pregnancy. I'm also waiting for the miraculous surge of energy promised for second trimester. Liars, all of them.

The job is going quite well though. The work is insurance defense, and the summer is quite laid back. The atmosphere is casual, and we get to go on fieldtrips, such as going to depositions and mediations. Nothing too strenuous, and the hours are flexible. I am quite grateful for the opportunity to throw up in the comfort of my own bathroom, as opposed to in the garbage can in my office.

Grades came in a few weeks ago, and they were better than I had expected, so I am pleased about that. I also realized I really had no interest in being on journal, as I hate all things to do with journal, so I decided to focus my efforts in other areas. I am International Law Society President for the upcoming year, as well as an officer in the Women's Law Caucus. There's moot court and trial advocacy board, which I am much more interested in excelling in. And finally, there's my sanity, I'm really attached to it.

Not so pleasant news is that student health insurance sucks. Even getting a good grade in Contracts doesn't make up for the fact that they employ teams of lawyers to find ways to completely screw over their insureds, making you believe that "100% maternity coverage" means, well, 100% maternity coverage. Oh no. That would be too simple. Fortunately, we're switching to a different insurance company in the fall that will hopefully not make it a priority to screw me over. They were trying everything possible to deny the entire claim anyway, so I guess I'm lucky they're paying anything at all. Moral of the story: health insurance sucks. All of it. They only exist to screw you.

Really, that seems to be about it. Nothing really eventful pregnancy-wise, and things are going good law-wise. So that's that.


Zuska said...

I just had to whip out my calculator to figure out when the first trimester is over (yeah, with my baby having just turned 9, I forgot) - and I got 13 weeks. I just found your blog, so I'm not sure exactly how far along you are, but:

18 weeks.

That's when I stopped puking. Morning, noon and night -- 30+ pounds lost with aforementioned youngest (less with the first pregnancy, but the first pregnancy was the reason I had more to lose during the second).

So, don't give up hope?

And good job on not puking on people.

1L Wannabe said...

And to add a note of truth and gravity, with pregnancy number one I never stopped puking.
But it got better the next few times, if that helps?
And oh yeah, throw the damn crackers away. That is another lie. They don't help. Grab some Coke - that did help sometimes though it burned like a mother coming back up when it failed.

Seriously, congratulations and best luck to you as you endeavor to find the least gross bathrooms all around your city.