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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fun with student health

Tomorrow I have my first appointment with the actual OB/GYN clinic. I thought it was going to be really easy to have a baby. Like I just make an appointment, say I'm pregnant, and then get to talk to a doctor about my concerns, and go from there. Oh no.

So on Monday, the day after I took two home pregnancy tests that came out positive, I made an appointment with Student Health, with my regular doctor at the gynocology clinic (who is actually internal medicine, not OB/GYN). I get there and they're all looking at me like I have three heads. I'm sure they probably don't have a lot of college kids coming into the clinic, thrilled to be pregnant. (Most of the time there's probably hysterical sobbing involved.) First, the doctor won't even see me, even though I have an appointment with him, because they say that the preggos have to talk to the nurse. Okay. Then the tech taking my blood pressure and such seems very concerned. She looks sympathetic and asks carefully if I want to be pregnant. I answer affirmatively, and note that we actually tried to get pregnant. She looked surprised and asked when I was graduating, and looked even more surprised when I said "09." She expressed concern about me being able to finish school. I just smiled politely and noted that it's a lot easier to take time off from school, if necessary, than it is to take time off as an attorney, and the hours are much shorter. Sheesh. Everyone's a critic.

Anyway, they give me a cup to pee in and confirm I'm pregnant. My long-suffering husband, who has a final later that afternoon in his grad school statistics class, had come with me to the appointment. The nurse calls me back and she makes him stay in the lobby until she can talk to me first. She wanted to make sure that I wasn't under any "undue pressure" and needed to ensure my privacy. Geez, I brought him here, didn't I? I'm waiving my right to privacy under HIPAA, can we just get on with the show? Finally she lets Husband into the room when she is convinced that he's not a controlling wife-beater who has forced pregnancy upon me. Anyway, so she gives me all these papers and whatnot, mostly information about toxoplasmosis and folic acid, tells me a story about her daughter giving birth at home in the bathtub (no, thank you), and ends with me having to make my own appointment with the OB/GYN clinic. Basically I've completely wasted my time because they only told me things I already knew. I guess it could have saved me 12 bucks on the second EPT test (because on the first test I got one definite line and one sorta kinduva line). But whatever.

The next day, on Tuesday, I attempt to make an appointment with the OB/GYN clinic. I call them, expecting something as simple as making an appointment to be easy. Nope. They take my name and number and say some woman will call me back. No return call. I wait 24 hours and call again today. I leave another message. Finally she calls me back. I explain I'm 5 weeks pregnant, I'm leaving the state next week to go on an extended vacation, and I basically wanted to go ahead and schedule my appointment so when I get back to town and start work, it's already on the books. Well, I have to meet with her first. Ugh. I think she's a nurse or something. So I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon (the day before my Contracts final) in order to talk with this woman and get blood drawn, for what I assume are STD tests and checking my blood sugar. Then I finally get to make an appointment with a doctor, which by then I'll be about 9 weeks along.

At least student health insurance pays 100% of maternity costs. Although we're switching insurance providers in July, so it better stay that way or I'll be pisssssssssed.

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