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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Finished with finals

Miraculously enough, Contracts went pretty good. I managed to concentrate very well the day before the final and get my head back into the game. Hopefully my grade will reflect all of my hard work.

I now get some vacation time before I start back to work. We're going to visit family, and tell them all the pregnancy news. We wanted to wait and tell our nieces that they are going to have a new baby cousin. They'll be excited, I know.

I also have to submit my journal writing assignment in a couple weeks. At our school no one really "grades on" to journal. You get priority if you're in the top 15%, which means generally if you can manage to write a coherent submission, you get onto journal. Of course, no one knows if they're in the top 15% before the submission is due, as we don't get grades for another few weeks, which means everyone has to try their best. But at least it's not an exam. I'd choose to write a bazillion pages at home before I'd ever choose to take an exam.

In recent pregnancy news, I met with the nurse at the OB clinic, which isn't actually an OB clinic, it's a "family health" clinic, whatever that actually means. I think I'm seeing an OB when I get back from vacation, but who knows, she might be a family practitioner instead. Ah, student health insurance. But I got lots of blood drawn, pee'd in another cup, and answered a ton of questions about my family's health history. I go to see the doctor in two weeks, which will put me at 7 weeks.

Nothing else interesting to report. No morning sickness so far. Breast tenderness and I'm pee'ing more frequently. Some abdominal pressure. Bitterness over not being able to drink myself stupid like my classmates after finals. Other than that, so far, so good.

I probably won't have anything to report until my next doctor's appointment. Pretty boring!

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