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Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I'm finding it a little difficult to concentrate on studying for my last final on Friday, which is for Contracts II. Usually the last final is difficult to study for anyway, just because it's the last one, and all I can think about is being done, and being on vacation. Also, Contracts is my least favorite subject. I actually really like the class, much like I enjoyed high school Calculus, and graduate level statistics, mainly because of the professors. But just like anything math-related, I hate Contracts. I hate offer and acceptance, I hate conditions precedent, and I definitely hate the UCC. I'm just a tort law kinda gal. Not to mention the cases are generally a lot more exciting in tort law. There's no decapitated head rolling into the elevator, with walkman headphones still attached, in contract law. The most exciting thing we get is a pensive cow named Rose 2d of Aberlone. Even Property is more interesting than that, geez.

I actually worked really hard this semester in Contracts though. It was my worst grade last semester, and I wanted to kick its ass this time around. I was religious in keeping up with my outline, and doing all the reading and being 100% prepared for class. Will it help my grade? Not if I don't get my head back into the game! This pregnancy thing is definitely an unneeded distraction. But the excitement is starting to wear off.

This evening I'm sitting with a nice steaming cup of Earl Grey (a treat I am rewarding myself with for going four whole days without caffeine), about to delve back into Contracts studying. I do so enjoy a nice cup of Earl Grey.

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