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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Finished with finals

Miraculously enough, Contracts went pretty good. I managed to concentrate very well the day before the final and get my head back into the game. Hopefully my grade will reflect all of my hard work.

I now get some vacation time before I start back to work. We're going to visit family, and tell them all the pregnancy news. We wanted to wait and tell our nieces that they are going to have a new baby cousin. They'll be excited, I know.

I also have to submit my journal writing assignment in a couple weeks. At our school no one really "grades on" to journal. You get priority if you're in the top 15%, which means generally if you can manage to write a coherent submission, you get onto journal. Of course, no one knows if they're in the top 15% before the submission is due, as we don't get grades for another few weeks, which means everyone has to try their best. But at least it's not an exam. I'd choose to write a bazillion pages at home before I'd ever choose to take an exam.

In recent pregnancy news, I met with the nurse at the OB clinic, which isn't actually an OB clinic, it's a "family health" clinic, whatever that actually means. I think I'm seeing an OB when I get back from vacation, but who knows, she might be a family practitioner instead. Ah, student health insurance. But I got lots of blood drawn, pee'd in another cup, and answered a ton of questions about my family's health history. I go to see the doctor in two weeks, which will put me at 7 weeks.

Nothing else interesting to report. No morning sickness so far. Breast tenderness and I'm pee'ing more frequently. Some abdominal pressure. Bitterness over not being able to drink myself stupid like my classmates after finals. Other than that, so far, so good.

I probably won't have anything to report until my next doctor's appointment. Pretty boring!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I'm finding it a little difficult to concentrate on studying for my last final on Friday, which is for Contracts II. Usually the last final is difficult to study for anyway, just because it's the last one, and all I can think about is being done, and being on vacation. Also, Contracts is my least favorite subject. I actually really like the class, much like I enjoyed high school Calculus, and graduate level statistics, mainly because of the professors. But just like anything math-related, I hate Contracts. I hate offer and acceptance, I hate conditions precedent, and I definitely hate the UCC. I'm just a tort law kinda gal. Not to mention the cases are generally a lot more exciting in tort law. There's no decapitated head rolling into the elevator, with walkman headphones still attached, in contract law. The most exciting thing we get is a pensive cow named Rose 2d of Aberlone. Even Property is more interesting than that, geez.

I actually worked really hard this semester in Contracts though. It was my worst grade last semester, and I wanted to kick its ass this time around. I was religious in keeping up with my outline, and doing all the reading and being 100% prepared for class. Will it help my grade? Not if I don't get my head back into the game! This pregnancy thing is definitely an unneeded distraction. But the excitement is starting to wear off.

This evening I'm sitting with a nice steaming cup of Earl Grey (a treat I am rewarding myself with for going four whole days without caffeine), about to delve back into Contracts studying. I do so enjoy a nice cup of Earl Grey.

Fun with student health

Tomorrow I have my first appointment with the actual OB/GYN clinic. I thought it was going to be really easy to have a baby. Like I just make an appointment, say I'm pregnant, and then get to talk to a doctor about my concerns, and go from there. Oh no.

So on Monday, the day after I took two home pregnancy tests that came out positive, I made an appointment with Student Health, with my regular doctor at the gynocology clinic (who is actually internal medicine, not OB/GYN). I get there and they're all looking at me like I have three heads. I'm sure they probably don't have a lot of college kids coming into the clinic, thrilled to be pregnant. (Most of the time there's probably hysterical sobbing involved.) First, the doctor won't even see me, even though I have an appointment with him, because they say that the preggos have to talk to the nurse. Okay. Then the tech taking my blood pressure and such seems very concerned. She looks sympathetic and asks carefully if I want to be pregnant. I answer affirmatively, and note that we actually tried to get pregnant. She looked surprised and asked when I was graduating, and looked even more surprised when I said "09." She expressed concern about me being able to finish school. I just smiled politely and noted that it's a lot easier to take time off from school, if necessary, than it is to take time off as an attorney, and the hours are much shorter. Sheesh. Everyone's a critic.

Anyway, they give me a cup to pee in and confirm I'm pregnant. My long-suffering husband, who has a final later that afternoon in his grad school statistics class, had come with me to the appointment. The nurse calls me back and she makes him stay in the lobby until she can talk to me first. She wanted to make sure that I wasn't under any "undue pressure" and needed to ensure my privacy. Geez, I brought him here, didn't I? I'm waiving my right to privacy under HIPAA, can we just get on with the show? Finally she lets Husband into the room when she is convinced that he's not a controlling wife-beater who has forced pregnancy upon me. Anyway, so she gives me all these papers and whatnot, mostly information about toxoplasmosis and folic acid, tells me a story about her daughter giving birth at home in the bathtub (no, thank you), and ends with me having to make my own appointment with the OB/GYN clinic. Basically I've completely wasted my time because they only told me things I already knew. I guess it could have saved me 12 bucks on the second EPT test (because on the first test I got one definite line and one sorta kinduva line). But whatever.

The next day, on Tuesday, I attempt to make an appointment with the OB/GYN clinic. I call them, expecting something as simple as making an appointment to be easy. Nope. They take my name and number and say some woman will call me back. No return call. I wait 24 hours and call again today. I leave another message. Finally she calls me back. I explain I'm 5 weeks pregnant, I'm leaving the state next week to go on an extended vacation, and I basically wanted to go ahead and schedule my appointment so when I get back to town and start work, it's already on the books. Well, I have to meet with her first. Ugh. I think she's a nurse or something. So I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon (the day before my Contracts final) in order to talk with this woman and get blood drawn, for what I assume are STD tests and checking my blood sugar. Then I finally get to make an appointment with a doctor, which by then I'll be about 9 weeks along.

At least student health insurance pays 100% of maternity costs. Although we're switching insurance providers in July, so it better stay that way or I'll be pisssssssssed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

First post

I'm creating this blog because:

1. I'm just finishing my 1L year, so now I can legitimately say I know something about law school.

2. I just confirmed I am 5 weeks pregnant, and am expected to birth during the winter break between Fall and Spring semester my 2L year.

3. The first thing I did was google "pregnant law student" to find stories from other women who've been there and done it, or in the process of birthin' babies while attending law school.

4. While I have a personal blog, that's private for only friends and family, I found the stories from other women who are pregnant and attending law school so reassuring and informative, but so few in number, that I felt that making my stories public could possibly have the same effect on other women. I have insight to share, and dammit, maybe someone will read it and take something good from it.

Questions you might have, stumbling upon this blog:

1. Yes, I did this on purpose. Although, admittedly, we didn't think it would happen so soon. While I'm not that old, I'm also no spring chicken, and I've been on The Pill for a decade. I thought it might take up to a year to conceive. Nope. Apparently we're both quite fertile, even pushing 30.

2. I'm married, and we are just about to celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary. We've been together for over 5 years, lived together for over 3 years, and being a 1L this year, it's a bloody miracle we managed to find the time to have sex at all.

3. We are financially stable. Husband is an RN, and he makes more money than I am likely to make for at least the first few years as a new attorney. We own our own home. We are able to eat at nice restaurants and buy grown-up furniture. Baby will have a college fund, and no one has to work three jobs, or be on WIC or anything of the like. Granted, we will now have to budget our money, but Baby will want for naught.

4. We have a good support system. One of my girlfriends just had a baby over Christmas, one more is due in August, and another is only three weeks further along than I am. It will be easy to pick up an extra infant in exchange for a night at the library or a dinner out with the Husband. Okay, so maybe not easy per se, but doable. Husband only works three shifts a week, and also, he works nights, which means four nights a week, he's all over the midnight and two and four and six a.m. feedings. Also, Baby's Maternal Grandma lives in town and is eager to babysit Baby. Baby's Paternal Grandparents are two hours away, and I'm sure we'll have to get a restraining order to get rid of them, just like Maternal Grandma.

5. I'm well aware of what challenges are ahead. Does that mean I'm prepared to meet them head-on, with all the grace and aptitude and strength of Wonder Woman? Hell no! It's just like being a 1L. You can read all the books, articles, websites you want, talk to a million people who've done it before, and you will still not be prepared for what it's really like. It's hard. It's exhausting. It's demoralizing. It's frustrating. But is it worth it? If it's what you really want, then of course it is.

I am keeping this blog anonymous for privacy reasons, although much of the information I will probably give out here wouldn't make it that hard to figure out who I am, or at least what law school I attend. (There's only 50 choices, afterall.) But I wanted my audience to be strangers, not friends and family (afterall, they read my personal blog). There probably won't be much to offer over the summer, as I will just be working as a summer associate at a law firm where I previously worked as a legal assistant for two years prior to leaving to attend law school. But this fall will be the biggest challenge -- I will start my 2L year in my 2nd trimester, and try to deal with what will be my busiest and stressful semester as my body inflates into a large beachball and I deal with pregnancy woes. This summer will probably be some introspective posts on law school in general, dealings with student health insurance and student health services, and ohmygodIthinkmybreastshavealreadygottenbigger.

Tune in. Should be some riveting stuff. Feel free to contact me, via leaving a comment, in the meantime. Feedback is always welcome.